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Birthday: 12/04

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Hi gaia_kittenstar

You can call me lavender, or rabbit, or something else as long as it's pleasant


gaia_angelleft don't use gaia much anymore, just now and then when I become too lonely and bored and go back to things I haven't touched in forever to feel something

gaia_angelleft am really invested in the things I like. I become obsessed with my favorite things, whether it's music, a video game, a show, or art.

gaia_angelleft love art (drawing, theatre, music, everything) and I'm a multi-media artist

gaia_angelleft am a major procrastinator, which is bad because I'm a college student :c

gaia_angelleft have a very diverse taste in music (I like dream pop, Jrock, romantic, Kpop, Goth rock/post punk, r&b, indie pop..). Suggest new music and artistic movies to me.

gaia_angelleft am queer emotion_rainbow

gaia_angelleft like making friends, but I'm not good at it redface I'm a pretty shy person

gaia_angelleft don't mind if you send me a message c: feel free to start a conversation if you want to. I like to think I'm pretty nice, just don't be creepy

Some songs I've been listening to:

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IrianaDawn Report | 04/27/2020 10:59 pm
Thanks for your purchase!
PurplePoppets Report | 02/10/2020 2:06 pm
Thanks for buying! heart
Bizui Report | 01/24/2020 9:21 pm
Ty for the purchase! heart
Forgot my pw Report | 01/20/2020 6:42 pm
Forgot my pw
Thanks for the purchase! How much is your avi art heart
-Lunar Ice goddess- Report | 01/14/2020 9:26 pm
-Lunar Ice goddess-

User Image

I understand the feeling, I am sorry you are going through that. I am not doing so well myself.

-Lunar Ice goddess- Report | 01/14/2020 9:04 pm
-Lunar Ice goddess-

User Image

How are you, bby? ♥

-Lunar Ice goddess- Report | 01/14/2020 8:18 pm
-Lunar Ice goddess-

User Image

Hiya, cutie~ ♥

LexiHime Report | 01/09/2020 3:38 pm
cute avi
Snort Like A Pig Report | 01/06/2020 7:16 pm
Snort Like A Pig
hihi, thought i'd leave a comment! thank you so much on the avi/art compliment! i love yours as well whee
ThriIIhouse Report | 12/31/2019 3:47 am
I would highly doubt you ever are. I like to give everyone the benefit of doubt.


pm's are welcome and appreciated

pixel: snowflake_eel heart User Image

pokemon go code: 2485 1315 8811

gaia_bunny emotion_bigheart gaia_bunny


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