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"My Life is so.... Insane."

My name in real life, is Lauren. So theres no difference there. I won't say much here because on my Ville Miseria account, thats where you'll know more about the OOC me. But I'd like to tell you a couple of things!

Lauren Valentine & her story belongs to me. Final Fantasy belongs to Square Enix. The electrogens & Calectrican Vampires both belong to me. Chante` Bowen & Ilexisi` Shelton belong to themselves (their usernames are their characters. ehem.) & everything written on my profile hasn't been copy or pasted or anything, this is all written by me. So don't steal. Copyright infringements a real b i t c h and I know people. [:

User ImageLikes My friends . honesty . Final fantasy. Chrono Crusade . Sunkist. roleplaying . Valentines day . RocknRoll . Ville Valo . Heath Ledger . Ethan Hawke . Before Sunrise . Ocean Avenue . Colte . Horses . Hot chocolate . Hot Topic . San Diego . Vampires . Tylers Van . Daybreakers . Avatar . Finland . Magic tricks . Writing . Dreaming . Breathing .

dislikes drugs. Tokio Hotel . Death . backstabbers . Oregon . Twilight . aging . loss . war . Friendship drama . suicide . hypocrites . me .

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I am a freak . an artist . insecure . romantic . a singer . a rocker . humorous . creative . Irish . Hispanic . a writer . a dancer. spontaneous . inspired . scared . prepared . an inventor . explicit . moving . awake . asleep . dreaming . out of control . weird . deranged .picky about japanese music . silly . ugly . pretty . prugly? .

[I love to cosplay, and roleplay. And I usually stay in character, so the best way to chat with me out of character is on Ville Miseria.]

M A I N . I N F O


N a m e
{ Lauren Valentine «
G e n d e r { Female «
A g e { 24 «
H a i r { Black «
Eyes { left eye: Gold , right eye: crimson «
O r i g i n { Gongaga; Final Fantasy VII «
R e s i d e n c e { Kalm «
O c c u p a t i o n { World Regenesis Organization «
B e s t f r i e n d s { Vincent Valentine, Ilexisi` Shelton, Chante` Bowen, & Tifa Lockhart

Lauren grew up in Gongaga with her older brother Zack Fair. Along with her three other brothers Zachachie,Josh,and Ben. [sidenote; three siblings not mentioned in Crisis Core. Hence, more OC's]
She was born with abilities that most Shinra scientists wanted to tamper with.
She is known as a "vampire" as well as an "electrogen" which is a hard mix to come by.
Electrogens are beings who can move and control elements. She is more in tune with strong weather , such as lightning storms and harsh winds.
She is known as a "Calectrican" vampire, a breed that can walk in the light. She spent most of her childhood and teenage years going to the Calectrican Castle where she met Chante` every so often.
She had a strong relationship with her brother, and when he admitted himself into SOLDIER she made sure she kept close contact with him.
So, she joined the turks.
Zack and Lauren went on a long couple of months, mailing letters back and forth to eachother. She got personal information from him, learning of his love Aerith Gainsborough and close friend Cloud Strife.

User Image
/ " I don't understand why these things happen, but they happen for a reason."
/" A good reason."
/ " Do you guys believe in this thing called karma!?"

User Image

During her stay in the turks she made some awkward friendships with a handful of men. Reno, Rude, Tseng, and Rufus Shinra before he took over the Shinra corporation.
When she was alone she kept up with her hobbies. Singing,writing,drawing. Her sketches intrigued others as well as her singing. And when she was writing, she made sure it was kept to herself.
User ImageShe became really good friends with Reno and it was hard to say goodbye to him when she got the opportunity to join SOLDIER, as the first female operative at 16.
She was 2nd class SOLDIER for the time being, but ranked faster due to her gifts. Lauren was reunited with her brother Zack, and the two kept a smile on their faces for as long as they could before the real problems began to start. The war with Wutai was nothing in comparison to the war with Shinra by itself.

/ " Are you usually so...demanding?"
/" I'm a general, I'm not exactly going to go easy on you."
/ " Pssst trust me sis, he doesn't bend unless he likes you."
/"aww c'mon Seph. You got to admit I'm pretty cool."
/"I admit it."

The struggles with Sephiroth,Genesis, and Angeal were striking and scientists were messing with Jenova and everybodys heads.
She is experiemented on with old Chaos genes that were a part of an older important experiment back when Lucrecia Crescent was in the lab. User ImageThe DNA altered her blood stream and made her an "abomination" underneath the skin. Her left eye had turned gold during the operations and her right eye , crimson. Things only got worse...
Zack died, and Lauren witnessed everything. The destruction of everything broke her heart.
And though she was witness to basically everything she held a grudge towards Cloud Strife who in her mind, was a partial reason to Zacks death. She didn't kill Cloud but felt the anger rise up in her in the most agonizing way.
And though she holds a grudge against Cloud Strife he is not the only one. She hates the Turks and Shinra with a passion.

N O W -

She is married to Vincent Valentine who she met through Tifa Lockhart, a friend she met as a teenager and is now working for the W.R.O. with her best friends Chante` Bowen and Ilexisi` Shelton. She occasionally helps Tifa at Seventh Heaven and brings in the money by singing for an audience every other weekend.
She is a hopeless romantic, a good companion on the battlefield, and only a phone call away.

A L L I E S-

User Image
/ "I'm going to kill Reeve. Oh yevon, I'll shoot him."
/"He got a new cellphone give him a break-"
/"Maybe you should change your number.Thats what I did."
/"I've got a better idea. *breaks phone under foot* Cellphones are the devil anyway!"
*Broken cellphone rings anyway and Reeves call ID appears*
/"Christ! He's the devil!"

C H A N T E` B O W E N
User Image Close friend to Lauren since they were little girls, walking amidst a world of vampires and castle walls. They lost sight of eachother for so many years until Lauren became a Turk and she an assassin, both at 16 and found eachother. Now they are both comfortable friends working side by side in the World Regenesis Organization.

User Image Ilexisi` a strong fighter and the brightside of the WRO mission squad. Lauren and Ilexisi` met during the time of the Turks, when Ilexisi` was walking through Shinra with curiosity, straying away from her mentor Lalaina. Now she's a strong companion to the group and a comic relief against the harsh circumstances and morbid minds of her teammates.

E N E M I E S-

The Tsviets play a main role in her life. They have tried countless times to recruit Lauren for her abilities. Rosso The Crimson and Argento for example, are her biggest enemies (present).

L A U R E N . C H A N T E . I L E X I S I

The gang is below, and current missions consist of : Infiltrating Underground, unlocking secrets to other planets (Kingdom hearts reference) & understanding the line between Cosmos and Chaos (Dissidia reference)

User Image

F a n a r t & A v i a r t

Love U louisaLulu.
Give her a visit!

I also have so much more avi art, undisplayed for now. Follow the link at top and you'll be directed to the journal page holding all my other art. I love collecting art, so if you are an artist than hit me up. I pay loads. C:


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