ME! I mean who else is Important around here?

Hey People,
My name is Laura and love anime (if u didn't guess), I have a love-hate relationship with my school, because i do cadets and the people are ok (i guess) i love it a lot, but it doesn't come anywhere near my old school. The teachers there were so Cool!
(Oh and if i didn't mention the school i go to now is called St Pauls, and my old school was Kedron SHS) so GO KEDRON! U ROCK! hehe if u didn't notice, i'm a tad eccentric, but thats what people love about so... nothing else... wait... I like food, (and i can't spell) now thats everything.

So leave a comment plz,


P.S. love llife people, its Cool sometimes and if u get depressed, go hug a tree and get a dog,... or cat =)