Beautiful Ghanqster.
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Okay, This Is Fabis Best Frandd Here, Telling You Awsum Stuff About This Lovely Lady.! This Gal is 13 Years Youngin Turning 14 Prettay Soon. Make Sure You Buy Her A Lil Sumfin Sumfin.Her Middle Name Is Marie, Just Like Mee.! Isn't That Amazing?!((: She Is Taken(11.28.09) Boyyss.. Back Off .. She Is With Another Guy Nd She Dont Want Chuu .. Taken By The Best .. Kevin.!(:Love Ya Boo.!(:She Is From Puerto Rico && Spain Bitchez, Yeah That's Righhtt Be Jealouuss ;D(i am._.) She Is Part British Andd European.!Shee LOOVESS Her Familia And Franndss And luuvs To be On Her Laptopp Alott.! And She Always Says Brb. Just a Habit I Guess ^_^ Well That's All Aboutt Herrr. BYYEE BEAUTIFULS<33

Hacks by my bestiess!(:
MY BOO.!(:
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Oh Shxt Yooh Have Been
Hacked By Da Awsome Kevin! Yay! Dis Gurl Rite
Here ish Da Love Of My Life && She Da Best I Ever
Had Lmao...Dont Mess Wit her Or ill Bust Ur Shxt Up!!
Ya Heard?? Oh imma Stop Wastinqq Ur Time So Ducez! ily bby heart

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HALEYMARiE WUZ HERE<3OHHSNAP .!! Yooh my friend, have just been Hacked By HaleyMarie. !! Ok, this girl right here is my new bestie =D She is very nice and funny as hell .! Haha .! I can trust this girl with anything, We just been talking and became really good frands .!! She is a very purtayy ladyy and she is TAKEN!! we also have fun azz times in rallys talking about anything . She does say brb aloott but it's ok . :]]
Once u put us togetha it's like BAM !! inyofacesonn(; well better go, hand is crampin . ilY BESTiE(; Ducezz && Gucezz .!

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snapp crackkle;; popp.
hey gaiz heyy; this be bradly hackin fabi's pagee!
well, lets get this partay started.fabiola marie; the best friend you could possibly have, me & her are like pepperoni and pizza yo! we've been on the rough&&rocky roads, got past that and came back to the smooth ones. kwell,
fabi; you are fosho the most amazing person ever, and you're incredibly funny. well i'm sad, you make me happy, it's a guh-air-un-tea with this gurlie! (;
she's super pimp dude, i don't think there is any better, she super pretty, ain't no one got a swagga like hurs. xD
ahaa. cx i enjoy talking to her, so talk to her, get to know her, you wont regret it i swear!
so i'ma go now; pce out yoo.

d r o p d e a d UNICORN
;; aka. BRADLY GERRAD YOOO. ;D k,bai.

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this b Tyler hacking the lil besties pro
well iv known this lil girl sence i started
shes always been thare for me sence
and as you can see shes a cute lil girl
and ill always b here for u fabi wen ever u need me
i knoe ur crushing on me i think its pretty cute
well i dont wanna make this long..
so peace and love Tyler

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Whyyy Ello der!!!
Yerrr checkin outt thee awesome-est girllz pro! Thiz be Erika
a.k.a x-iiBayyBee speakinn.
Makinn a shout-outt for yerr girl.
first, dis chick iz dha coolezt person yu will EVA meet. [;
I aint talkin sum shxt. Thiz iz truee.
If shez feelin down... WELL DAMMIT HELP HER!!! O:<
Make herr happy again.
If any of yall eva mess wit her
she'll comee tuh meh
nd I will find u. ;3
Nd kill yuu! ;] Dhatzz it.
Luvv yah girl. <3

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1time Lil.Nycky met a girl named Fabiola Marie.They started talking and talking and nycky just notice tht she been hurt so many timez
so she been asking Lil nycky y and the problemz
and he helped her so much they just became such close friend
hes so happy right now 2 hav a rly good friend
shez so cool,nice,fun,funny,hawt,understanding and also just hella cute<3
he gonna alwayz love tht girl name fabi as a friend and remember her as tha rly cool girl tht alwayz iz talking 2 him<3
tht girl made him smile and laugh so much he iz happy 2 meet tht girl
cuz 4somereason he knwz tht girl iz family 4being a Boricua girl just like him
as being boricuaz can feel tha thingz of each otha we just like bro&sis having each otherz backz<3
and im neva gonna hurt this girl
im sure 100%
tht imma be helping this girl on anything no matta wht
imma be right there 4 this girl<3

Lil Nycky~