Dale speaking... Not Ooki... Yet.
Check my LAST journal entry for more of an understanding of me. But for now, here's a profile:

Name: Angelo
DOB: 11/28/90
Ethnicity: Filipino, b***h.
Hobbies: Watchin, sleepin, eatin, Gaia-in, goin out, eatin.
Fears: ... *stabs zombie*
Current job: BUM xD
Wants: Moneh u_u
Favorite music: Rap, Hip-hop, Old school shizz, OLD rock n' roll (Lil' Richie), Soul.
Martial status (IRL): xD Making out wif every fine girl I know
Martial status (Gaia): >_> *hides from Ooki-chan*
Weapon of choice: Keypad and poetic inspiration
Platform: PS2, PC.
Favorite games: XileRO and PogzNet.
^Still Dale.
---Not Dale anymore---
Name: Ooki. (Don't wanna give my real name >< wink
DOB: September 23(I share a b-day with Bruce Springsteen!)
Ethnicity: Chinese, biatch! (CANTONESE AND LOVIN IT)
Hobbies: Sleeping, hanging out, training for Tennis for High school. (VARSITY!)
Fears: Have you ever seen "The Miracle of Life"?
Current job: Making 10 bucks a week doing data entries for meh daddy. Smart b***h I is.
Wants: Money and Dale. Still trying to figure out which comes first. (jk)
Favorite music: Classic Rock *AC/DC, The Beatles, etc.
Martial status (IRL): What be a martial status? Karate?
Martial status (Gaia): ^Read previous answer
Weapon of choice: Doesn't really matter, as long as there's some gore. I'll even use a blender damn it!!
Platform: Whats that?
Favorite games: Animal Crossing, Marvel Nemesis, Pokemon(rofl), SuperSmash Bro. Melee,etc.

Ooki was here fools! ...
LastPrayer can either be Ooki or Dale, so beware.


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Tagger's Shrine

A place for all taggers. Masters, beginners, trainees... Even those like me: Worshippers (bishes xD)

Alright. This is the place where I state the names of the known "masters" of tagging. They are unmatched in their tagging skills and are respected deeply by me and should be by all others who have ANY interest in tags. Prayer has spoken.



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Report | 12/19/2006 7:15 am


Your avi is way cute!! LOL
harly lover

Report | 09/02/2006 6:42 am

harly lover

i like your profile!!!

Report | 06/21/2006 11:03 am


ITS MY MULE!! *huggles* Ooki loves you my mule!

Report | 03/01/2006 12:58 am


Ohhh you live in Baguio?? I've been to that place. I loved that place. Hahaha.
Sapphire Seraph Syn

Report | 02/26/2006 7:35 am

Sapphire Seraph Syn

*comment # 12. ninja *

Report | 02/08/2006 2:40 am


whoa people I dunno commenting me. ^_^ I feel popular.
Angel Blue Eyes05

Report | 02/07/2006 7:28 am

Angel Blue Eyes05

COMMENT biggrin

Report | 02/06/2006 8:00 pm


HEY! lol..wow, california..that's awesome!
hehe..lol..i dont have any idea about the things going on in the Philippines..lol.. whee

and dont worry i dont do drugs stare xD
im a good girl and always obey the laws xDDD


Report | 02/01/2006 1:22 pm


Yoh! How's it going?!
LOL..sorry wala po kong friendster :p
and yah..hey..u got a pretty good english
..impressive ^-^...not an amateur huh!
wo0t..wo0t..that's awesome!!

well, see yah around i guess... 3nodding

Report | 01/17/2006 11:51 pm


Ur from philippines huh?
wow...first person i know!
...well, expect my friend who told me abou this site ^^
PM me ^-^


Mule of Kuya Dale and Ookami_chan76
I'm where they put gold. *le gasp*

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