FEAR ME!!!! I have Fangs!!! ^^

Hello there all of you, as you know, I am Lassair ^^
A few things to know:
*I LOVE PEOPLE!!! I can't express this enough, people make me happy, and I just love the unexpected, don't be afraid to drop me a line ^.~
*I love inteclectuals and intelectual conversations (though I'm not above having a three-year-old fight with my best friends)
*I'm a total flirt-whore, and I love it! ^.~ (not really, but still >.< wink
*I love up-tempo music that I can dance to (I'm currently going through a Techno phase ^^)
*I love music in general!!!
*I'm a total thearter freak! I just melt for a good production!
*I love video gaming and reading (just, not at the same time)
*I absolutely love things that terrify me!
*I use E> insead of <3
*I can quote Thoreau, Shakespere, and others but I am constantly forgetting what day it is >.<
*I love DPS
*I'm a poet (and I attempt to be an artist) My poetry is almost strictly performance poetry though, and I want to be a speaker of some sort when I grow up. (okay, that's a lie...my future lies with math and engineering)
**WARNING: I cannot spell!
*I'm a people person, and I don't judge. My 'bad-list' is quite short (I think right now I have two people on it)
*Never be afraid to randomly poke or pm me, I love it! (But I won't add you unless I actually get to know you, I like to know who my friends are, thank you)
**Come talk to me sometime, I love to learn new things ^^
*I love Disney movies!!!!!!!
**umm, I'm pretty sure that I'm forgetting some important facts, but no matter.
lol, well, I hope that that little intro didn't scare you too much! -^^-
Come and chat with me sometime, please and thank you! You never know what you might learn.



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the amazing world of klee

this is just a collection of my feelings on things that are going on in my life....actually, i haven't written in this nearly as much as i would have liked to......let's see if i can fix that, eh?



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ssssairrrrr. <3

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Hi there ^.^ Remember me? ....Yeah I haven't been on for like forever o.o;
Imperial Order

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Imperial Order

Random'd heart
Red Swordman

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Red Swordman


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Happy Bday! -hands ya a cake- ^^
the Antelope

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the Antelope

umm hi?

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like the new avi wink

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Super random comment biggrin
Seko Takaya

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Seko Takaya

I might just go to a community college over here. Somewhere on the island. I wanted to go to BYU hawaii but we'll see how that goes.
I have to get ACTs for most places too. That's why I was thinking of just a community college. I'm too lazy to worry about tests...
Seko Takaya

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Seko Takaya

That's exactly what I'm afraid of. The first semester is gonna go by in a flash. Next quarter is practically non existant with all the breaks. Then before I know it schools over and I still don't know where I wanna go...


And my next target is:
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