Okay, about me huh?
Well, I'm a mule. My actual account is Dark Sweetie. I guess I'll do lasts for this mule.
film I watched: not quite sure
thing I ate: chocolate brownie
song I listened to: Leavin' Jesse McCartney
person I talked to on aim: I don't use aim anymore
book I read: Breaking Dawn
thing I did before getting on gaia: um...drank diet coke and listened to music
show I saw onstage: Mamma Mia (third time)
place I went for a trip: Philadelphia
class I attended: ...way too long ago to remember
wish I made: to be an actress
person I talked to on the phone: ...wow, I really need to get a life
person I hung out with: ...party time. And Kelsey at work
film I saw in theatres: Dark Knight
picture I had taken: Photos from Nikki's party
anime I watched: Some of Maburaho
manga I read: one of my yaoi's. Can't remember which
time I went shopping: Yesterday
thing I drank: Diet coke
guy I fantasized about:
girl I fantasized about: Alicia
concert I went to: Army of Freshmen in July
person who sent me a PM: on this account...admin. For D.S. ILOVENODES!!

Okay, now I have an initiative to update this.


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