Name is Sakhone.
Born on March 16 199?.
Living in Canada.
Loving the Anime and Manga.

GRAWR ! =) Welcome to my ever so lonely profile. Leave me a comment ? Haha i hope soo. I like chocolate, candy, anime and manga. I join some sports bbut i suck and wonder how i got on the team. I hope to be school prez/vice next year. I'm a nerd, yup a perfect name for me, but still have lots of friends. I look down on those who seem fake but secretly yern to be popular hehe. I can be evil at any moment in my life but choose to be nice... sometimes . I like making faces on the computer ! HEHE =D LMAO. I'm tired of typing now cause i have to go somewhere. BUH BYE !!


My Story

Hope you like them. If not, screw you.

It's stuff like my story, and character listings and such.