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i rep da sign aries!!
fav colors;blue green yellow
birthday:april 14
da age:13

----->Throw it in the bag Remix-Fabulous ft.Drake<------


--->Dhe HACKERZ<---


[HahAH Ayy Thiz Be Marky hackinq his cuz miMa. xD I kn0 this g1rl fo tho L0ng3sT tim3 eva believe meh]. I lov this girl lik a sis. Shes always thier fo meh whn i nEEd her. ShEiz a awsome cuzzin t0 be around n' thinqs. tHiz chiK be Gettin Meh in Trouble in skool sum times L0l. She is a lovable friend t0 be around an' a gud friend. SHe be listenz to weezy f bby n' drake purty sweet huh xd. She like a Gangsta/pimp u kn0 she got swagga. D0nt be hatinq onher bishes xD. i don kno i would do without her. pCe. mima luv u..
{Luv Ya Cuz}
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Xx_ii sexii boy_xX
(Yo wast up dhis ur boi {{BATMAN}} hacking BUTTERCUP page wat can I say bout dhis gurl I new her since dhe 6 grade she is funni n always dhere for u she always a good person 2 han out wit cuz she will be making u laugh all dhe time n she is one of a king friend so if u mess wit her u ******** wit u digg ) luvv u BUTTERCUP!!!