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Birthday: 12/29

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gifts received- special thanks to:

Distance Plus Rod
White Neko Cosplay
Vintage White Ruffled Gloves
Porcelina White Lacy Gloves
x1000 A Bait
Moonstone Borealis
Opal Borealis
Kitty Face Mood Bubble
Egyptian Ankh Pendant
Lala The Koala Plushie

The Mad Hatter Disease:
Enchanted Gold Trunk
Foot Soldier's Shield
Seafoam Gown
December Birthstone Crown
Radiant Prism
Uncanny Form
Angel Imp Plushie
AFK Scarf

What You Should Know

Just a nutty, twenty year old, Asian girl who is most likely fishing at a lake.

What I'm Currently Wearing

Stuff You Might Care To Know

~I might be playing League of Legends or Diablo III half the time I'm online.

Current Tasks:

~OA trophy
*status: Complete- July 2012

Dream Avi:
~This will be the first avi project. Let me know what you think about it ^^
*status: optional/edited

Total Value: 92,755,605 Gold
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Item List:
Sweet Charming Blush
Fallen Wish 6th Gen.
Mint Bitty Bloomers
Wintry Kisses
Lovely Petals
Lady Unicorn

Pistachio Macaron
Aurora Kitten Star
Cosmic Dust
Blushing Dancing Princesses
Elemental Hair
Moonstone Borealis
Bom Bom The Bunny

My Hobo Tank (fed with milkshakes daily)






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red_gyarados Report | 09/26/2012 4:32 am
Oye oye apparently gaia decided to not notify me about comments this one time.

Also I wouldn't know of any other reason why anyone would buy large fish in bulk.

And I want the red one, since in the 6 or so years that I've been using this username, I've been called out numerous times for having my avi as every color except red.
Ximonix Report | 09/21/2012 7:18 pm
Hahahaha, i thought you considered everything to be magic xD
Vathilia II Report | 09/21/2012 9:33 am
Vathilia II
i miss da koala tooo!!! :<

i got skype now if u didnt know. it's vathilia biggrin
Ximonix Report | 09/18/2012 3:22 am
What the....oh myyyy crying well...well...I'll use awesome aura to deflect it xp
Fracs Report | 09/17/2012 11:30 pm
You just gotta see a few movies... godfather etc. and your good to go :<>
red_gyarados Report | 09/17/2012 10:18 pm
I've been spending all my gold on stripers, so I'm rather broke currently.
Fracs Report | 09/16/2012 11:47 pm
yup.... wanna join my mafia family? ninja
Ximonix Report | 09/16/2012 11:37 pm
No you're pooper! yum_sausage
red_gyarados Report | 09/16/2012 8:07 pm
It really doesn't look like it belongs there; the trophy that is. I'm sure trying to separate you from koalas comes with drastic consequences o3o
red_gyarados Report | 09/16/2012 6:15 pm
Except you're not wearing yours. And as I stated before, I don't own very many pink and frilly pixels o3o
The Mad Hatter Disease
Pure Alohaa
I J u n k o I
Devlyn Madison

-My milkshake brings
nobody to the yard. Stay
outta my yard D:!!

-Will donate milkshakes
to hobos