Pages of Dreams

The line between Reality and Dreams,
So frail so close,
Within a mere blink our Reality changes,
Turns like the pages of a Book,
The tales of Dreams become so real,
Within the tortuous chasms of dreams,
Lies a hidden Reality,
An alternate universe,
Where all desires are live to their fullest,
Where despair and hatred are just a fickle memory,
But a drop of tainted waste in the roaring river of illusions,
Thats sprung for the grand waterfall of hope and love,
Which has such elegance and majesty,
It takes away the breathe.
The epitome of all that is good is merely here,
So close that the radiant shine warms your weary face,
Experiences unlike any real Reality are witnessed over the threshold,
Within the blink of an eye,
The pages turn once more,
Reality is back upon your doorstep,
Dreams are wisped away,
Until the next time,
The page turns...

Can you see me?
Well I see you

I am always watching
Everything you do

Do not try to find me
Because you never will

The thought of my eyes on you
Must give you a chill

Always double-take
You won't fine me though

Maybe I am on the ceiling
Maybe I am a shadow

Maybe I will reach out and touch you
Give you a little fright

Then before you see me
I will dodge right out of sight

No matter what you say
I will always watch what you do

Maybe this is my way
Of saying I LOVE YOU

((Written for Michelle's enjoyment))
As we run away
Where are we looking to go?
Another lost path?

If we find our home
Will it love me like you do?
Or will it hate me.

Will it be my roof
To protect me from my fears
Or leak out its wrath

Will I ever get away?
Why can I never find my home
Destined to die alone

Torn by loneliness
You are the only one who cares
But you slowly drift.

Please come back here
Leave me not alone to die
Nor leave me to cry

If I became a monster
Would you still kiss me?

Even with lips
Of an ugly beast?

If I were a rose
Would you still hold me?

With my beautiful petals
But thorns that may p***k you?

If I ever hurt you,
Would you still love me?

If I ever scarred you,
Would you ever forgive me?

Because I would do this and more
For you...

Am I the only one?
The only one that makes you cry?

They all do the exact same things
The things that make your insides die.

If I do cause
All this pain.

Are making these friends,
an effort of vain?

This trivial backstabbing
Leaves a large bleeding scar.

Not even I
Would have stepped just as far.

To mock me bruise me
Hurt me so.

To the point where you make me
Get up and go.

But I turn around
And slowly turn around.

Because to my friends
I am eternally bound.

Elixir of Life
((Inspired by and written for Caitlyn))

Dark thick liquid,
Poured into a shimmering crystal cup,
Shining off the moonlit sky.

She brings it to her lips,
Slowly sips it from the rim,
Cautious of its vitriolic taste.

But it tasted sweet,
Sweeter than anything before,
As it ran down her barren throat.

Bring the glass to a deep angle,
She let all the liquid enter her mouth,
Gulping it all.

Crimson ran down the sides of her mouth,
So she wiped her cheek,
And took her seat.

She felt renewed,
She slouched back,
And took a deep breath.

She turned her head towards the door,
With a sound so soft she whispered,

In the next room over,
Lay the corpse
Of a once good friend.

Contorted and mangled
And more sickeningly

Drained of all his life giving blood
For through his veins
Ran the Elixir of Life

His body defiled
For his life giving drink
Not given a chance

This leaves us with this question
How far would you go,
To live forever?

Little Miss Muffet (Revised)

Little Miss Muffet,
Sat on her tuffet,
eating her curds and way.

Along came a spider,
Horrific in looks,
With legs like hooks.
It set them in place,
and ripped off her face.

Little Miss Muffet is no more,
Because from her head,
Blood does pour.
It falls to the ground,
her body unfound.

Little Miss Muffet,
And her blood stained tuffet,
Got mauled by an arachnid this day.


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