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Aquatic_blue Report | 02/16/2021 11:15 pm
Hey! Long time no chat! I know you've been busy, though, but that's okay, I understand. 3nodding

No worries, it's not your fault - getting sick happens. I'm glad the worst of it is over. I have my taste, but my sense of smell is 90% back...feels like it is taking forever to fully return.

My husband has a new job and he's glad with the pay, not so much the job, but he is good at his job and knows what he's doing so it works out for him for now. We're thinking of starting our own business, but taking time to think about it since a lot of businesses are hurting right now and if it'll be worth the cost and all. Still praying about it.

The kids are doing all right, too. Trying to keep my patience homeschooling my oldest and getting my youngest back on a normal sleeping schedule has been super difficult lol.

Hopefully you get the promotion you seek since it sounds like you've been working relentlessly. Hopefully you can get the time in to study and get that license. biggrin

I hope that you have been doing well mrgreen
Aquatic_blue Report | 01/28/2021 10:51 pm
Well, I'm over COVID, but I still have fatigue. My sense of smell is like 80% back...still kinda impaired. I'm still struggling with my memory and brain fog. My depression is terrible and I just feel like I'm on a rollercoaster most times.

Planning a wedding can take a long time. If you need any help or anything, let me know! Hopefully you and your gal are having fun planning it!

I hope you get the promotion that you desire. If you get it, I hope it'll be quite a bit easier on you hour wise. Sorry to hear you haven't had much relief.

Things are going okay. In general, we're all doing better than we were a month ago, which is good.
Aquatic_blue Report | 01/14/2021 12:25 am
Things had gotten better, at least better than last month. Now, I'm starting to have some issues again. This isn't fun. I've had to sleep my day pretty much sad not how I want to spend it...hopefully tomorrow will be better and we can get out of the house. I hope the health challenges stop soon because it's wearing on me.

Happy New Year to you as well! I hope it has been good.

I'm sorry to hear things are same old. Sometimes that's not terrible - at least they're not worse. I do hope that you get some relief soon, though.

The world seems to be getting crazier every day, too. I guess we'll see how this all plays out.
Aquatic_blue Report | 12/25/2020 11:04 pm
Life has been full of health challenges and I've already been in and out of the hospital. Things are pretty miserable right now...

I hope you had a Merry Christmas! Sorry to hear they have you working so much at work sad that's not fun. I hope the pay will be worth and that you'll get a break soon! I haven't been on a few days here and there because I've been so ill and tired.
Aquatic_blue Report | 12/17/2020 6:49 pm
You're welcome! Planning on a budget isn't always easy, but you'll find your way around it! biggrin Just take your time and research thoroughly. Some online task work like or something might be able to help foot those extra tiny expenses like decoration or money towards a suit/dress. smile I know you two will figure it out!
Aquatic_blue Report | 12/06/2020 12:23 am
It can be done with a budget! Just gotta take time to research your options 3nodding

I hope that you all figure out options that you're happy with.
Aquatic_blue Report | 12/05/2020 12:12 am
I remember this workbook I used to help plan our wedding...I think it was called the Anti-Bridal Guide or something like that lol. I remember my mom got it for me, but it had a long list of everything to consider for a ceremony. We did our best to have a wedding on a budget and it was a lot easier than we thought. We definitely didn't have a $20,000 wedding lol. My husband and I probably spent like $150 on stuff for decorations and $400 for my dress, veil, and accessories. My husband used one of his suits he already had. My mom dished out for catering which was probably like $3,000-$4,000 - option two was to have family members cooking back there to serve everyone, it would've been cheaper. Although, we personally knew the caterer and she brought out nice linens, cups, napkins, plates, the works so it was worth it.
Aquatic_blue Report | 12/04/2020 12:28 am
You guys are getting married real soon? biggrin Awesome! I remember my husband got married within the year after he proposed to me. It was nice, actually 3nodding I'm glad you have that to look forward to. Wedding planning can be tiring, though, too!

Sorry to hear you're working the long hours again. I'm hoping the pay is worth it!!!
Aquatic_blue Report | 12/02/2020 10:53 pm
I'm so sorry to hear for your loss sad that's awful emotion_hug hoping things get better for you there.

No worries, I haven't been on gaia every day, either. Life just feels like that freight train that has lost its' brakes right now gonk

Any good things going on in life? smile
Wisherr Report | 11/29/2020 1:19 pm