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i've been on this site for ELEVEN years.
here's to you, gaia, may we both one day crumble to dust

23, west coast, he/she/they. graduated from college in 2020, scrambling to figure out what i want to do with my life when i'm not wasting it on the internet.

i love horror, monster design, video games, and cats. questionable music taste. huge fan of weird/monstrous items and body mods.

if i dont reply it's most likely because i get all coy like "oh i'll read this and respond later" and then forget and/or get self-conscious about the delay.
it is my understanding that this is semi-common over the internet, but i promise i'm trying to break the cycle of violence. i apologize in advance if it happens, though. love you.

otherwise, i like to think i'm pretty friendly, so drop me a line!

wahmbulance tab URGENT: send me pics of your cat tab wahmbulance




i'll format this properly at some point, i promise

VIDEO GAMES - i like challenges, cool monsters, and funky soundtracks
    ⭐the binding of isaac ⭐bioshock ⭐bloodborne ⭐borderlands ⭐cuphead
  • ⭐darkest dungeon ⭐dead space ⭐don't starve ⭐the elder scrolls
  • ⭐fallout: new vegas ⭐hades ⭐hollow knight ⭐hotline miami ⭐left 4 dead
  • ⭐the outer worlds ⭐pokemon ⭐shovel knight ⭐the wolf among us

MUSIC - i have yet to grow out of pop, rock, and edm, unfortunately
  • ⭐arctic monkeys ⭐billie eilish ⭐fall out boy ⭐glass animals ⭐green day
  • ⭐jungle ⭐lady gaga ⭐MGMT ⭐mystery skulls ⭐the offspring
  • ⭐queens of the stone age ⭐tame impala ⭐the white stripes ⭐wolfmother

MISC - other treats and delights
    ⭐adventure time ⭐bojack horseman ⭐gravity falls ⭐castlevania
  • ⭐jojo's bizarre adventure ⭐kill six billion demons ⭐love death and robots
  • ⭐mob psycho 100 ⭐over the garden wall ⭐primal ⭐undone
  • ⭐the venture bros ⭐what we do in the shadows