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i've been on this site for THIRTEEN (!!!) years.
here's to you, gaia, may we both one day crumble to dust.

25, west coast, vibin
i love horror, monsters, video games, and cats. big fan of weird/monstrous items and body mods.

if i dont reply it's most likely because i get all coy like "oh i'll read this and respond later" and then forget and/or get self-conscious about the delay.
i promise i'm trying to break the cycle of violence, but i apologize in advance if it happens. love you.

otherwise, i like to think i'm pretty friendly, so drop me a line!

wahmbulance tab URGENT: send me pics of your cat tab wahmbulance




  • i like challenges, cool monsters, and funky soundtracks
    the binding of isaac bioshock bloodborne borderlands cuphead
    darkest dungeon dead space don't starve the elder scrolls
    fallout: new vegas hades hollow knight hotline miami left 4 dead
    the outer worlds pokemon shovel knight the wolf among us

  • i have yet to grow out of pop, rock, and edm, unfortunately
    arctic monkeys fall out boy green day jungle justice lady gaga
    MGMT mystery skulls my chemical romance queens of the stone age
    tame impala the killers still woozy the white stripes wolfmother

  • other treats and delights
    adventure time bojack horseman gravity falls castlevania
    jojo's bizarre adventure kill six billion demons love death and robots
    over the garden wall primal the venture bros what we do in the shadows

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