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Hello there, random person stalking my profile emotion_awesome

I'm a rather shy person - if you talk to me nicely, I'll probably be just like an overgrown, happy, tail-wagging puppy. People being nasty to each other for no real reason drives me crazy, even though I still believe in the saying that 'sarcasm is a body's natural response to stupidity'.

I'm quite a nerd for everything fantasy-, sci-fi- or just plain awesomeness-related. I'm a huge fan of MARVEL movies, even though I've never had the time or opportunity to read the comic books. I'm also a HP, LOTR, SW and ST lover, and I absolutely adore games like Dragon Age, Assassin's Creed or The Elder Scrolls series.

If you want to know anything else or just need a friend, just PM me - I love talking to people, even though I'm mostly too shy to start a conversation on my own. smile


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Yomishi Akira Report | 10/26/2017 12:55 am
Yomishi Akira
heart heart heart awwww omg vďaka za darček, je to krááááááásne heart
Yomishi Akira Report | 10/20/2017 5:15 am
Yomishi Akira
To je jednoooo aj tak tie peniaze nemíňam XD Všetko ťahám z toho koša biggrin biggrin biggrin
Yomishi Akira Report | 10/19/2017 10:03 pm
Yomishi Akira
heart heart heart heart I luv ya heart
Yomishi Akira Report | 10/19/2017 7:23 am
Yomishi Akira
awww paw itemy mám rada XD 4o by si chcela na oplátku?
Yomishi Akira Report | 10/17/2017 11:02 pm
Yomishi Akira
hahaha hej teraz som si všimla tú punisherskú lebku biggrin biggrin biggrin
Yomishi Akira Report | 10/17/2017 11:00 pm
Yomishi Akira
heart heart heart Awwwww ďakujem heart Aj tvoj, je taký drsňák XD
Ki Bae Report | 10/16/2017 2:25 pm
Ki Bae
Thank you for your purchase <3
Gemenice Report | 10/05/2017 5:15 am
Nothiiing. Obviously nothing XD
Gemenice Report | 10/05/2017 5:09 am
zbavujem sa veci biggrin Si moj dumpster biggrin
x_cupcakez_x Report | 07/22/2017 3:39 am
Hello, 3nodding

I'm questing a few items on my wishlist. If you like to donate with any amount of gold, I appreciate it.
Thanks so much, & hope you have a nice day! heart



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