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My life has been a tumultuous one. No one ever said the life of the travelling magician was easy. From losing my family to various sorts of hellfire, and realizing that I was truly alone in the world.... there is a lot in my life that could leave me a lot more damaged than I am. Nevertheless, I will endeavor to continue the original purpose of my race -- to help the rest of the humans survive. As well as any other little dimensional blip that may need fixing.

After all, what fun is just staying in one dimension?


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Razorblade Smiles Report | 03/25/2011 2:09 am
Razorblade Smiles
[[Its been agesssss since we last spoke OR rped, I hope you've been well =) I didn't really fall into the swing of things with that VtM rp on the Keep, so I might just sit that one out. Its always a pain in the a** for me to try and get my act together and create a new profile, especially since its been eons since I played the game and would hate trying to come up with the formula table top style. Anyways hope to hear from you, I'll try texting you if I dont get anything back, Ta!]]
The Dark Knight Crusader Report | 01/12/2011 1:43 pm
The Dark Knight Crusader
((Indeed they are. Right now I am playing DCUO since I got it yesterday. I have to say that I thought that it would be 'lame', but it isn't, it's actually pretty good.))
Sensuous Poison Ivy Report | 01/08/2011 11:45 pm
Sensuous Poison Ivy
((Everyone has writers block at times. biggrin I am just glad that you are back, more regularly. How is school?))
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 01/07/2011 10:54 am
Mad Mr Hatter
Oooh how phenomenal it would be great to play Crane, especially since I gave him up on here =) and of course I am always the die hard fan of Mr Tetch. This time around I am going to try and play him as much as I can to the animated version =) anyways thanks for the invite and the opportunity, I am off tomorrow, so if I am not doing anything maybe I will drop in tommorrow =) -Hatter
Kent Nelson--Dr Fate Report | 01/06/2011 7:09 pm
Kent Nelson--Dr Fate
(Aww ok)
Kent Nelson--Dr Fate Report | 01/06/2011 6:12 pm
Kent Nelson--Dr Fate
(Hey, are you gonna respond to my comment?)
The Dark Knight Crusader Report | 01/06/2011 5:28 pm
The Dark Knight Crusader
((Well, as long as you are graduating, that is the important thing.))
The Dark Knight Crusader Report | 01/06/2011 3:23 pm
The Dark Knight Crusader
((Same here, difference being that I graduate on June, so it's adds more to the weird feeling. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?))
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 01/06/2011 2:52 pm
Mad Mr Hatter
Hmm really, I wouldn't mind playing Tetch again and wouldn't even mind not having the clown, considering Tim always plays a good Joker =) cause I do miss you lot, and its been rather slow on here. Is anyone playing Crane right now, Scarecrow would be fun as well, and maybe Penguin...though I'd hate to get ahead of myself lol xD anyways let me know whats going on and maybe I will pop on to do the whole rp thing. -Hatter
The Dark Knight Crusader Report | 01/06/2011 12:16 pm
The Dark Knight Crusader
((I know the feeling. My Christmas vacations end Monday, so my classes begin again on Tuesday, so we'll see how that goes. Glad to know that you could finish your paper on time. As for the grade well, I'm pretty sure that you did your best on it.))


~yllacigaM sruoY, Zatanna


"I wrote my name, but can find it no longer...

My ashes blow like dust

Around the invisible Labyrinth."

Giovanni Zatara


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