~♥~The Real Lady Sorina~♥~

I'm deactivating my profile. I know I cannot delete it totally, but my life has taken me away from here. I am GIVING AWAY all of my inventory merchandise. PM me if you want anything. Just remember you owe me! I own the following...

Flora Roja
G-LOL Blue Gown
Secret Sparkles
Freyja's Cloak
Ruby Pendant
Fai Coat
Sea Foam Gown
Fiery Crimson Slinky Split Dress
Jet Black Rose Cluster Hairpiece
Spartan Queen
Blood Red Rose Cluster Hairpiece
Jack's 2k7 Pumpkin Ballgown
Gift of the Goddess
Marital Pendant
Elven Ears (Tone F)
Cecilia's Circlet
Vampire's Blood Moon
Cravate Demonique
Orange Ribboned Black Cat Hooded Jumper
Titan's Legacy (Seed)
Spear of the Overseer
Rose Shower
Long-Stem Red Rose