I am Strigoi. I was a spirit of the Ether Realm until I was ripped from my home by a neonate spell caster. I was intended to cure his loneliness. He didn't follow the instructions fully. He is....no more.

The girl whom he chose as my vessel is still inside this body. Her name is Rayne. It takes a great deal of effort from both of us to let her be the dominant consciousness, so she is whispering to me always.

We have the book. The spell to return me home, and Rayne in control of herself again requires that the body remain unchanged until December 21, 2012. On that date, all We will have to do is cast a spell from the book outdoors at the darkest point in night, and a shooting star will collect me and take me to an opening in space and time when the natural dimensional shift occurs. Our body will be unharmed and Rayne will assume control again. She will retain all knowledge and memory of what has happened.

Scientists have pinpointed the location of the opening. Its an area already showing signs of deterioration.

As a result of the vampire and zombie adventures of 2008, our body was transformed. Though scientists have found ways of returning the shell back to its original state, the damage has been done.

Now, if I am to return home, We have to get to the location on our own and jettison ourselves into the rift. In theory, as one, we will go into the Ether Realm. However, Rayne will die. Human forms are not meant to dwell in my realm. Rayne doesn't want to die, and I do not wish to remain trapped here any longer.

It has been years and We are no closer to figuring out the correct course of action. What are We to do?


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