Generous donators
~.rising hysteria--->donated the angelbow
~.Laenan--->for donating a generous amount of gold to me to achieve my dream avi!

facts about me

name: Rei

age: 22

birthday: january 8th, 1988

eye color: blue

hair color: brown

height: 5'5

relationship status: single

likes: candy, movies, tv, reading, singing, makeup, and more

dislikes: people who think they are better then everyone else

favorite sayings: "YAY ME" and "SQUEE?"

If you decide to add me as a friend, pm me every so often, you'll find that I am a great person to talk to. I really care about my friends and family, I love to hang out with friends. Go see movies, eat at restaruants, just have a grand old time. I am smart, funny, kind, caring, bubbly, and am just an all around nice person. But if you push my buttons the wrong way then look out! If you are rude to a friend of mine then you are rude to me and I won't stand for things like that.
1) if you wish to be my friend you must pm me
2) I don't like the random pms from people saying "give me gold" it doesn't work like that, if I know you then yes but you need to ask nicely, if your just some random beggar then go away! For I will delete your pm and ignore you! I worked for my stuff and got some generous donations...FROM FRIENDS!!
3) don't beg for gold on my comments or bash other users in my comments
4) keep comments pg 13 on here ok
5) if you see something in my shop you want, don't ask me to lower the price, I need gold just as much as the next person and I am fair with pricing! NO BEGGING! if so then you shall be told no and ignored from then on.
6) treat me and my other friends with respect
~.~.~.*smiles* have a nice day! ~.~.~.

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Total Value: 44,710,517 Gold
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Item List:
Deluxe Witch's Cauldron
RIP Conan
Striped Witchling Hat
Lucky the Cat
Great Old One
Ritzy Black Pearl Necklace
Shiny Black Short Shorts
Black Cobweb Shirt


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the world of me

welcome to the wonderful world of muah!

bleh just stuff going on in my life


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Oh geez I think we need to get some more comments into this board

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Merry Christmas! biggrin

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Oh it's fine. And thanks! You have a cute avi too!

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Hey. I never really talk to you, but we're on each other friends list. How are you?
Talented Azz

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Talented Azz

I am helping to recruit for a new guild. The guild is called Little Shop of Forums. This guild is for those who would like to buy subforums to help promote a thread or a shop, a roleplay or just anything you would want. And it is guaranteed visitors since everyone in the guild will see it. No more competing with others to keep your thread on Gaia's Main Forum page. If interested, the banner to the guild is below.

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In my profile, I have a link to a petition for Winged Backpacks. If you like it and think it's a good idea, will you please sign it? Thanks

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hi i bug you now
jonathan brights girl

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jonathan brights girl

i like ur page thx 4 addin me ^^

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wow nice profile and avi... hohoho!


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