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Last Login: 01/22/2011 8:10 pm

Gender: Female

Location: United States

Birthday: 09/22

Occupation: Student

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Usernames///Jameel,, LadyAnne, PlusKeiki
Places I've Lived///California, North Carolina, Kansas
Current Place I Reside///California
Current Occupation///student
Age///third year of HS
Music I Listen To///(Is almost endless in variation)
bebop, techno, dance, trance, indie, experimental *anything*, electronic, what you'd find on DI* rock, hard rock, grunge, metal, *some* hip-hop, underground hip-hop/rap, *some* old school rap, *most* music from the 40's, 50's, 60's, *most everything that came out of* The British Invasion, *most everything from those hippies in* Woodstock, classical, instrumental,*even some non-American music* foreign like (Japanese,French,Spanish,Arabic,etc.)
Basically anything that appeals to me.

Games I Play (Via)/// Steampowered, Xbox360, Hyperiums**, Pirate Galaxy, OMGPOP.
I Use///Windows Live Messenger, Skype.
(If you'd like to know my usernames for any of these, just PM me)

*DI-Digitally Imported
go check it out.
**If you play this please feel free to contact me. . .

Because Interest Tags fails for me......

Favorite Movies(no specific order):
Cast Away, Up In The Air, Up, Bangkok Dangerous (1999), Bangkok Dangerous (200 cool , Beyond Hypothermia, Pretty in Pink, Romeo and Juliet, Leon The Professional, Planet Terror, 28 Weeks Later, Kick-a**, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Godfather Part III, The Godfather Part II, The Godfather, Into the Wild, Hurt Locker, Scarface, Underworld Rise of the Lycans, Gran Torino, Whale Rider, Taken, Watchmen, The Hangover, The Dark Knight, Sixteen Candles, Rush Hour 3, *ALL* Studio Ghibli Movies, The Outsiders.. This list is still in the making.

Favorite Animes(no specific order):
Cowboy Bebop, OHSHC, FMA: Brotherhood, Fullmetal Alchemist, Trigun, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG, Death Note, Samurai Champloo, Pokemon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Furuba.



"Come, Boy, come and climb up my trunk and swing from my branches and eat apples and play in my shade and be happy"