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Enkyubus Report | 09/01/2019 10:19 pm
But like most oldbies, we long for the days of old. Hard to keep up with the new gen. At least for me.
Enkyubus Report | 09/01/2019 10:17 pm
sweatdrop I think some of us still come back, like really late vampires, emerge for like a few hours/posts, then back to the coffin of daily life.
Hyper Syndra Report | 08/22/2019 8:39 am
TLDR: I was thanking you for the rate and explaining why I had an odd piece in an otherwise monochrome avatar.
Hyper Syndra Report | 08/19/2019 12:49 pm
Hope yah don't mind I use here instead of the thread to answer your questions.
The theme I'm trying to go for is 'attractive vampire'. Original, I know. But I've always wanted to make a vampire avatar. With the discovery of the SPF 5000 line, I decided to try my hand at it. The point of the phone is for her to be taking a picture. The reason I went with the red phone was due to item limitations. There isn't a My Valentine with black gloves and white phone or black phone yet. As for the lack of a Background, I just haven't started looking for one yet. Torn on if I want to go with a Beach background or stick with the monochromatic theme.
Thank ye kindly for the rate!
Apollos Liar Report | 08/18/2019 4:44 pm
Right hahaha I had something else in mind, but I like the water too.
Apollos Liar Report | 08/18/2019 1:15 am
Hahaha, it took me so long to find things to use for Gambino. He's hard to make! whee
Apollos Liar Report | 08/14/2019 5:15 pm
Yeah, it looks cool! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Apollos Liar Report | 08/12/2019 6:30 pm
Just scrolled through my comments again and wanted to say I really like your avatar right now! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Apollos Liar Report | 08/07/2019 10:27 pm
I'm missing a ton too. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. I'm hoping we can start building them up again.
Apollos Liar Report | 08/07/2019 12:59 am
They just need to be used more in general. They added wing stickers to the log-in bonus which is good. I hope we get more than one.


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