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S'up nerds?

Welp. 25, and I'm still here somehow. I don't know if I should be sad about this or not... so instead I'm a bit indifferent to it. Lot of people have known me be a few different nicknames, but most of you know me as either 'Demon', 'Alto' or 'Fae'. Call me whatever you feel is most comfortable for you.

I'm kind of a mixed bag of casual nerd and mental problems, and I can be a little all over the place. It can be a little hard to deal with, so if you can't, then no big deal and no hard feelings. I can't deal with me most of the time either. Still, I'm pretty friendly and if you need a bud to talk to, then don't be afraid to poke at me.

If tumblr's more your game, you can hit me up there instead at ... I'm on there a lot more often than I am here, so if you need me for any reason, that's the better bet.

If you're interested in my art, you can check that out under the my art tag on tumblr or head to deviant art and look for FariyNocturne ...because apparently I can't double check my spelling before making an account, and I can't be assed to delete and make a new one or to fork out money for whatever their premium thingie is now. *loud shrugging*

Otherwise... I guess thanks for checking me out? Sorry that I'm kinda boring. I hope you have a good day!


I practice [/color:65f9a7f7f2]Яanɗom[/color:65f9a7f7f2][/size:65f9a7f7f2] acts of [/color:65f9a7f7f2][b:65f9a7f7f2]kindness[/b:65f9a7f7f2][/color:65f9a7f7f2][/size:65f9a7f7f2] and[/color:65f9a7f7f2] Senseless[/color:65f9a7f7f2] [/size:65f9a7f7f2]acts of [/color:65f9a7f7f2][i:65f9a7f7f2]Beauty[/i:65f9a7f7f2][/color:65f9a7f7f2][/size:65f9a7f7f2][/align:65f9a7f7f2]