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MusicalDragonz Report | 02/22/2012 5:03 pm
yeah o well XP
MusicalDragonz Report | 02/22/2012 5:00 pm
ur email cant be hacked from that i must have been....... wait........... WAIT........................... A HACKER!!!
MusicalDragonz Report | 02/22/2012 4:40 pm
wat u mean i love fb games
MusicalDragonz Report | 02/22/2012 4:30 pm
swiching accounts again gonk wat is this account 50 ahaha jkjk but srsly XD


Greetings and welcome to my profile!
My name is Lady_Kurai_Ohtochiin and I bid you welcome. So if you would please take a seat while I explain a few things:
-I love anime/manga(if you want specifics please PM me and we might strike up a conversation)
-I love to draw(Srry no avi art but I do draw anime and comic book characters)
-I love to read/write fanfiction(Batman related mostly)
-I love martial arts(all kinds)
-I'm a huge TMNT fan(Leonardo and Raphael rule all)
-I'm a huge Batman fan(Robin and Nightwing Fangirl tho)
-I love anything Japanese
-I'm an avid coffee drinker
-I love Wolves
-I'm also an avid Sherlock Holmes fan(Books and the Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law movies)
-My favorite color is Blue(Dark mostly but I love Baby Blue)
-I hate all things Pink....only certain items on here that are Pink I can stand
-I'm 20 years old
-I'm an avid Video Gamer
-I still play Pokemon games and I still like the movies(not the series it got to boring)
Well that's about it as far as the basics but should you desire to know more about me please feel free to PM me and I will get back to you.




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