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Birthday: 10/29


I'm an island girl. Born in Honolulu but raised on the beautiful island of Maui
I grad SAS '07
Ima college student majoring in marine biology.
I love chocolate, and candied apples, and gelato, and mango tea, but I don't like milk or milkshakes or sherbet or ice cream. x3

~Candy canes and milk free chocolates are my FaVoRiTeS.~

I love to cosplay and sketch and watch anime and read manga.
I'm allergic to dairy. If I eat anything with dairy... I puke... X.x
I love watching movies, especially action, sci-fi's, zombie movies and romances!~
Favorite colors: Red, black and blue~~~ (the colors I turn people when they piss me off).
~ <3 <3 <3
My class ring is very dear to me.
I have a jo, a bokken and thanks to Amakuni, a naginata, kunai, a gauntlet, and a Suzumebachi!! >3
I played the flute for 9 years and I still sometimes fiddle around on it.
I effing love BIG BANG! The Kpop group from South Korea!

And I'm legally insane~ :3

I don't like people when they try to copy others. Just be yourself, and if you don't know how to do that, you should read books more often! At least, that's what I think.... ^^;
I don't like it when people try too hard to make others like them and when they try too hard to be funny.
I don't like $lut$! They irritate me to the MAX! D<

I like teddy bears, thermal blankets, plushies and my chococat pillow!
I'm a dedicated cosplayer, constantly thinking of what I can cut && sew. I want a Wacom Palette! Music helps me relax and I love to dance!
And I've fallen absolutely in love with Amakuni-sama and has been dedicated to him for 1 year 3 months 12 days and counting!
Did I mention I'm very random when writing About Me's?

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Come on babe...Don't eat the baby panda.Waffles and Pacha will be sad.

Pacha guards my bedroom. So he will also guard my profile.*~