Hey, I'm Mira, and welcome to my profile! =D

Birthday: 7/24
Gaiaversary: 1/25

-Fantasy and occult books (Particularly Margaret Weis and CLAMP)
-Stubborn people
-Small class sizes
-Guys that can give good advice

-People stealing my food or drinks
-Rabid fans (especially Shippers)
-Smart perverts (to an extent)
-Patronizing people
-Horror books

Guilds I'm a mod in:
-Poll Guild of DOOM(owned by Transilent)
-Army of the Rose(owned by Chigokai of the Dark Moon)

-Likes Asian food, mint, and berries
-Dislikes anything with tomato products or spicy food

Musical tastes:
-Likes Rock/Pop music (especially Japanese)
-Dislikes most rap/country/hip-hop

Favorite Historical Person:
--Charles-Geneviève-Louis-Auguste-André-Timothée d'Éon de Beaumont

Favorite time period:

Status and occupation:

-Favorite is Art I
-Least favorite is Gym

-Dancing [traditional only. IE waltz or samba]
-Hanging out in the BLEACH Asylum forums
-Watching subs (Nothing against dubs)
-Trying to learn Italian and Japanese (somewhat successful; particularly likes Kansai-ben)

If anyone's curious, the song below is "Sekai de Ichiban Boku ga Suki!" It's the opening from the super-adorable show Damekko Doubutsu. There are 26 episodes total, 5 minutes long each. If you get a chance, be sure to check it out~!


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Mira's Journal of DOOM!!!!

-AMV scripts I've done -Fullmetal Alchemist -Random life entries



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A Jimmy Comment is Add to your Profile now Mira! heart emotion_bigheart

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happy birthday
Bloody Madness

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Bloody Madness

Wow it really hard to see the add comment here button:

Anyways I want to tell you that I love your avi and your profile and think the song on your profile is really fun and odd. Will have an great day and take care.
John Stamos is in a tree

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John Stamos is in a tree

Why thank you. cool
Midnight Herlequin

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Midnight Herlequin

...Are you trying to pull Sylvie, by the way? Also...*Whistle* You went and got yer own halfnaked slave~! *Tear* My little girl's growing up!
OMG its hannah7

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OMG its hannah7

loves the world u 2 hu 2gether we will get the earth i mean keep it clean

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Glad to help. =)

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Thank you for bumping in my booty grab thread. I noticed you were questing art:

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Hope you like them. =)
Vidya Ashling

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Vidya Ashling

..."Dark Chi" >>;;;
Also. 100.23 succeeds! Because the spambotchecker says so.
Vidya Ashling

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Vidya Ashling

Is this enough to make our avies considered 'opposites' still? You totally ruined the thing we had going when you went all Freya on me.


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