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Hi there! My name is Lady mewcat, I am 31. I don't mind random pm's, I love gifts and art! I like to talk to people.

I draw for gold and items, I am not too picky so shoot me with a pm and we can talk about What you want drawn.
I am also willing to draw for real world cash Pm me for prices.

Pm me if you want to do something in zOMG together. I can help with any quests and am always down to farm dms!

I DO NOT ACCEPT RANDOM REQUESTS! lets talk and get to know each other first!
Do not request to be my friend if all you are going to do is beg for item/gold or flirt with me. I am just not here for that.

I will not role-play randomly in my pms. If you send a pm starting a role-play and we have not talked about boundaries beforehand I will immediately block you. This is due to creeps who message me starting a role play only to try to rp flirtatiously which is also considered cybering. Which is against the TOS.
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Perfectly Daisy Report | 08/15/2023 9:40 am
Thaaaanks! It's a years long project, but I'm so excited about both arms
Perfectly Daisy Report | 08/14/2023 4:26 pm
The pink and black is a harnessed tiger moth, the bug near my wrist is a ghost cicada. I've left a lotnof blank area to add more insect and wildlife to later. A ginkgo tree with a tufted titmouse is going to go on the top of my arm
Perfectly Daisy Report | 08/14/2023 1:20 pm
I think I got it
Perfectly Daisy Report | 08/14/2023 12:45 pm
Ugh that didn't work either. Wtf am I doing wrong 😆
Perfectly Daisy Report | 08/14/2023 12:44 pm
Lawl don't apologize for my ineptitude. I used to be really good at this crap. Also back when flash was still around. But to say I'm out of practice is an understatement. I can't even figure out how to do a gradient text anymore, lol. I just test posted and the image is HUGE. My tattoos?
Perfectly Daisy Report | 08/14/2023 11:22 am
Perfectly Daisy Report | 08/14/2023 10:06 am
I have not figured out how to share images on here yet sweatdrop
Perfectly Daisy Report | 08/14/2023 9:45 am
Awesome! We go hiking a lot and every year we get a fairy circle in our front yard. They are so cool to look at. I mean, I'm obsessed with nature anyway. Have a left sleeve tattoo dedicated to living and life giving. I'm going to make my right arm decay and the decomposers.
Perfectly Daisy Report | 08/12/2023 2:38 pm
Aww, thanks so much! I love mushrooms, lol 3nodding
Perfectly Daisy Report | 08/12/2023 2:24 pm
I love your profile!!


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