Hello, I'm Vanessa, although my lovely friends call me by my last name - Knight. I'm currently 17, and I live in Houston, Texas. My birthday falls upon the 13th of September, the same day as my father's and my grandfather's.

I am a patron of many arts - Music, Writing, and Drawing. I try to excel in each. I love Music; I can't imagine one who'd not live by music. I play various instruments - guitar, bass guitar, violin, viola, piano, and cello. I'm a little rusty on the drum set, but otherwise an intermediate at it. I enjoy Writing, as it has led me into Role-playing. I don't draw much, but when given the moment and time, I try to please my critics. However, I do love designing websites and making graphics - I hope that's considered an art. ^_^

I enjoy listening to music, and playing Water Polo and Volleyball. The genres I'm most intrigued by - Death Metal, Symphonic Metal, Alternative Rock, and Classical Music. I have a ton of favorite bands, but I'm sad to announce that the majority on my list do not reside in the US. There's too many to list anyway, so I'll list my most favorite, even though I love every single one of them - Six Feet Under, Avenged Sevenfold, Rasputina, Within Temptation, Kamelot, Dream Theater, Apocalyptica, Blind Guardian, etc.

I have nothing against anyone; in fact I do not hate people at first sight. If you portray yourself as a naive and cunning fellow, perhaps you can begin to think that you're on my hate list. I'm actually a very temperamental person, unless aggravated by plagiarizers, liars, and stereotypers, including fakers. I am quite over-protective of my peers and friends - they are my immortal beloveds, so I look out for them. They mean so much to me than the world's wonders themselves; nothing can replace their love they've showered on me over the years. They've made me into who I am today, and for that, I thank them sincerely. So if you try to mess with them, please know I will not tolerate the nuisance easily.