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Report | 11/23/2008 2:24 pm


Hey Dia, its been a while. if you ever want to talk or anything write me back. ...

you might think im stupid but i do miss being your friend. i dont know what happened but i think that we need to be friends again.
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Report | 10/21/2008 9:00 am

Casca 7

i haven't met many people from '03. that's cool. ^_^
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Report | 10/08/2008 3:46 pm


Wow, '03. Lucky.
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Report | 10/06/2008 8:42 pm


just wanted to let u know that i did another OC headshot for u. it's in my freebie thread. he came out very bishi User Image
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Report | 09/09/2008 8:09 pm

Sweetest X

I know what you mean. I love the free time of summer.. I just hate the weather I'm more of a COLD weather person.

And let me think.. Cram a little thing in the morning?? call me stupid. But i have no idea what your hinting at??

What is it??


Go to bed.. if you want to add me go head. You seem fun to talk to.
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Report | 09/09/2008 7:55 pm

Sweetest X


I know what you mean... there are times when your like... screw it. I don't care what they think... im too tired to do things right.

I'm usually like that.. So i know very well.
Sweetest X's avatar

Report | 09/09/2008 7:37 pm

Sweetest X

Oh was it Danielle??

Pretty cute. And everyone at school found out??

YOu must have a stalker!!! LoL

Not me.

And you gotta practice more typing... practice makes you incredible.
Sweetest X's avatar

Report | 09/09/2008 7:32 pm

Sweetest X


YOu called me Job.


Dia.. i like that. Is that your actual name... Dia meaning Day. Am i right??
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Report | 09/09/2008 7:05 pm

Sweetest X

OMG. I haven't introduce myself. How rude of me...

My name is Jon.

Now you seem like a fantastic young person. I am sure you will do good in photoshop or basic computer leraning.

Like everything in life it is hard at first... as time goes on you just get better at it.

Believe me I know I am. I suck but compare to when I started my skills are getting better.

Sweetest X's avatar

Report | 09/09/2008 6:57 pm

Sweetest X

Everytime I gotta comment you.

I fall more and more in love with your profile.

Its cuteness. <3333

Photoshop is fantastic. I'm getting a Mac soon, So I'm looking forward to that.

its gonna be incredible to like ... do more art work on that. ;]
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Report | 09/09/2008 6:48 pm

Sweetest X

Well to be honest. I think I can draw good... But I'm old fashion so that means paper and pencils..

And I recently got a tablet.... so I'm trying my best to master it.

So far if you go to DOOM shop... you can see my work. Its nothing compare to paper and pencils sketches I do.

But I gotta say its getting a little better since when I started.
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Report | 09/09/2008 6:42 pm

Sweetest X

Yeah I noticed it.


And its simpley adorable.

Especially all those pics that you have of yourself. <333

Beautiful. I wish I could draw that good.
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Report | 09/09/2008 6:37 pm

Sweetest X

nice profile. i love green.
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Report | 07/26/2008 8:42 pm

Lady Diandriel

~User Image~
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Report | 07/19/2008 12:22 pm


I'm doing well.


How have you been?

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Report | 07/18/2008 5:04 pm

RadiantRose Midnight

Hiya Dia. ^^

How goes the roleplaying?XD
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Report | 07/17/2008 7:53 pm


The song is Satellites by September. User Image
Lady Diandriel's avatar

Report | 07/17/2008 9:48 am

Lady Diandriel

Comment on Myself

wow, I should probably get in here and update my profile someday soon o.O
DayDreamer Steve's avatar

Report | 06/30/2008 8:15 pm

DayDreamer Steve

Your profile never gets boring to look at no matter how many times I come here. xD
RadiantRose Midnight's avatar

Report | 06/22/2008 8:59 am

RadiantRose Midnight

Hiya, Dia!^_^
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