As is detailed by his journals, Cicero was an accepted member of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary, renowned for his cloak-and-dagger killing style. He mentions riots in Bravil leading to the death of Alisanne Dupre, the Night Mother's previous Listener, and the desecration of the Night Mother's crypt beneath The Lucky Old Lady. Voted Keeper of the Night Mother by the remaining brotherhood members, Cicero fulfilled one last contract before transporting his Unholy Matron to Skyrim; he was scheduled to kill a jester, with whom he became obsessed. His attire and flamboyant manner mimic this jester. Trapped alone in the Cheydinal Sanctuary, Cicero grew insane trying to talk to the Night Mother and become her Listener. He killed another assassin of the guild, who falsely claimed to be the next Listener.

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Cicero's Journal



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Report | 05/23/2016 9:14 am


Cicero! You've been on another website?! That's almost as bad as being part of another FACTION!
//dumps Wolf armor, archmage robes and nightingale armor out the window

Report | 05/05/2016 8:09 am


Where is the help when you need them...

Report | 10/17/2015 3:24 pm


Who did the traitor turn out to be? I wouldn't want our little family remaining to harbour any deceivers...

And let's go! -Opens the secret door to Dawnstar- Bellycutting awaits!

Report | 08/22/2015 4:43 pm


Well...I'm the Listener, so everyone has to obey my orders, right? And just why did Lucien order all of the members dead?

Yes, Cicero, let's!
My bones have been aching sitting around all day, and as much as I like our conversations, there's no better feeling than roasting your enemies and proceeding to eat them--sorry, side effect of the lycanthropy. I mean, yes, let's find some spines to snap! I know a pregnant lady in Dawnstar we could pay a visit to...

Report | 08/09/2015 6:06 pm


[missed the last bit from the other comment]
Well that does make sense having us work as his Agents...
But in the Void, he is all powerful, yes? He should punish all who defy us when we bring them there!

Report | 08/09/2015 6:04 pm


Wow, you can do a lot of things to invoke the wrath of our Father.
Thanks for reminding me, Cicero!
Though I have a hypothetical question--well scenario, really.
So one of our brothers or sisters steals from a superior. The superior tells another member to kill the thief. The thief is killed, but the other member kills the thief...then doesn't that mean Sithis is angry at the inferior? Or the superior? I mean they couldn't refuse the superior right? But they killed another member--who broke another tenet!

And I just realized Astrid violated like half of the tenets--she's got some 'splainning to do...

Report | 07/28/2015 3:29 pm


Well Cicero, I don't know if the custom is different in Cyrodiil but here in Skyrim we call that 'too much info.'

Is the oil homemade? Or do you have an alchemist concoct that? And the tenants...I don't quite remember each of them. Can you jog up my memory?

And of course help's always appreciated, Cicero! Like when you spot dragons in the sky! Or when we get attacked by trolls, or when spiders are involved. And skeevers--definitely those too.
And...draugr. And...slaughterfish! And werebears. And...cultists..and...
You think we can ask Sithis to make things a bit easier for us?

Report | 07/20/2015 4:37 pm


Heimskr--Really? When'd you two hit it off?

Oh Cicero, you don't look a day over 25.

Well, she did try to kill me like three times, and because of her betrayl most of out friends died...
But without her, I wouldn't have met you, or Babette or Nazir, or the others. Or mother! Or serve under Sithis. Surely, recruiting the would-be-listerner must count for something. And if I never joined, the Brotherhood would continue on it's money-grabbing ways!

Report | 07/17/2015 5:44 pm


Well, I nominate Nazeem. I'll make sure he'll never see the Cloud District again...
And Heimskr maybe? Maybe one of Balgruuf's kids...

Oh, while dying for Mother and Sithis does seem like a great honour...I think staying alive as long as I can to serve the Brotherhood as a living agent would be more beneficial to all of us. Plus, if I die there'd be no Listener. That's why you're usually in front of me Cicero And without you, Mother's body would decay and there'd be no way of knowing how to fufil the sacraments. It'll be just like Astrid's Brotherhood all over again! So let's live as long as we can before becoming ghosties, right Cicero?

Report | 07/16/2015 1:45 pm


Aaaaaaaand I'd actually prefer it remained that way, really. Too much alone time with Mother denies me of opportunities of self-actualization, k'now. It's a Dragonborn thing.

Ah, I've only heard of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. There were a lot of sanctuaries in Cyrodil, yeah?
On the bright side, things are finally picking up for us again. Maybe in a couple of years we can fully make this Sanctuary as warm and homey as one of your old ones. Some more torches, maybe.
In the mean time, you can even help me pick out the decor! I think we need more racks for the torture room now that you mention it...

Hey, Cicero! What do you think we need to do to be like our pal Lucien? He gets to be all floaty and stuff.


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