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Birthday: 06/20

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Introducing Lady Byron

Greetings and Salutations!
My name is Lady Jane Byron, you can call me Lady Byron.
I am the cat and partner in crime of Lord Byron, whom is well known
as a writer and lover but to me he is the magic man who makes
food appear in my food dish and cream appear in my cream dish.

Just like Lord Byron I too, am a lover of love and writings.
Though my eyesight is failing me my kitty companion, Snow,
writes down my thoughts and mewsings for me as I babble on.
In fact, Snow, is the one writing, err, typing this for me now.

If I flirt with you take it as kindness, I flirt with everyone.
Failing eyesight and all, it's the pawson inside I tend to fall for.
Not the outside.

Also, I love critiques. It helps encourage me to be better.
And to keep doing what I am doing.
So love me or hate me, I'll take you back to my petbed either way.

Alright, Snow, I think that's good enough.
No! Don't type that. Or that!
*groan* Snow, just, who want's a treat?!

The Writings and Mewsings of Lady Byron

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The writings and Mewsings of Lady Byron.