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Random Movie/Show Quote of the Day

Deunan: Briareos! Does this mean you're ok?
Briareos: Yeah. They say I've checked out just fine. But I might need to have them look at my eye scope.
Deunan: (blushing) Oh stop it.
Deunan: So, where do we go? Feel like a pub or a sports bar?
Tereus and Briareos: Sports Bar. Huh? (looks at each other sighs and then looks back a Deunan) Pub. That's what I meant to s-..(sighs again looking at each other before turning away.)
Deunan: (Laughing at the two men while they both simultaneously place a hand on their head and then crossed their arms making Deunan laugh harder.)

Who I am

Hello Everyone! If you have found this page, welcome! I'm Lady Black Lycan, LBL for short, and I am a student and IT geek. I love to play video games and quite enjoy playing Final Fantasy XIV and Star Wars The Old Republic on the PC from time to time. I normally am found playing something on my 3DS, and occasionally something on either my Wii or PS3. But out of all that I am playing, FFXIV is about my favorite. I have made lasting friendships on there and wouldn't trade it for the whole world.

One thing I love about Gaia, however, is I met my wonderful boyfriend on here. I love him with all my heart. I can't say how amazing it has been because there are not enough words to spell out what I want to say. All I can say is that everything is coming full circle in how we met, and I can't wait.

Just one little housekeeping detail for my page, if you want to discuss something, just drop me a PM. Otherwise, keep comments nice and sweet. A housekeeping rule for sending friend requests, I don't do randoms. Talk to me first. Tell me how we met or where you know me from. All of my friends are ones I have talked to, know personally, or have RPed with. So don't send me a request if you aren't going to PM me first about it.

I hope you all have a blessed day and keep on singing!


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MsKiwiness Report | 01/29/2019 2:55 pm
your back?
MsKiwiness Report | 12/13/2018 12:56 pm
don't be to long.
MsKiwiness Report | 10/26/2018 12:55 am
Come back!
Heil Sithis Report | 07/04/2017 3:00 pm
Heil Sithis
heart heart Thank you for your purchase~!
Have a lovely evening~! heart heart
MsKiwiness Report | 01/22/2017 1:49 am
Get on chatzy, I has something to talk to you about
MsKiwiness Report | 11/28/2016 5:35 pm
Long time no hear.
MsKiwiness Report | 10/01/2016 8:13 pm
I am so sorry I haven't been on lately, Ive been very busy with lawyers and stuff. Im chatzy now if you want to update me,
sabreworg Report | 01/02/2016 10:23 pm
Oh....whoops...could you link me that RP again? XD
The Eloquent Lunatic Report | 01/01/2016 2:39 pm
The Eloquent Lunatic
That's absolutely wonderful to hear dear!
The Eloquent Lunatic Report | 12/31/2015 2:43 pm
The Eloquent Lunatic
I've missed you!
I hope you are doing well~


Part 1: The Hunt - My original story


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