If I Were a Character...

Name: Rina
Age: 20-Something~
Sex: Female
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Purple Curls
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 120 lbs
Shape: Curvy~
Bust: C cup
Shoe Size: 6
Ring Size: 6

+Reading Fantasy
+Writing Stories, Essays, ANYTHING
+Eating Tasty Goodness
+Playing Video Games
+Hugging People

Fun Facts!
+I'm lactose intolerant
+Random things make me giggle
+Nerdy boys are the cutest <3
+My favorite color is purple
+I prefer non-human characters
+I love pretty anime pictures
+I consider myself to be bisexual
+Hugs are wonderful
+I love you for reading this!

How Do I Look?

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Lady Beouf

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Last Login: 04/25/2018 2:16 pm

Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/22



I love to roleplay! I would dare to call myself literate with the capability of being advanced if the chance comes up.

- Multiple Characters
- Males & Females
- Het/Yaoi/Yuri
- Kirby
- Pokemon
- Gijinka
- Slave & Master
- Mythic Creatures
- Pretty Posts
- Silly Faces >w<
- Random Humor
- Awkward Situations
- Penguins

- Lots of spelling/grammar errors
- Incest
- Mary Sue's & Gary Stu's
- Instant Love between Characters
- Super Bright Colors
- Bees


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