I'm a bit shy when it comes to meeting people, but once you get to know me I'm not afraid to talk or even make a fool of myself.

I like things like rainbows, animals, and hearts but what makes this weird is that I also like black and white, emo, and goth things. Confusing, sorta. Well, I have to say, I am extremely random, don't complain if I yell out "POP-TARTS" in the middle of Wal-Mart because I do that sometimes. I have awesome friends who are very----strange. They tend to creep me out a bit but I love them anyway heart .
Besides the randomness and craziness, and maybe the loudness, I'm very serious when it comes to work, school, and things like that.

Ahh, yes, now we get to the fun part!

The Do's and Don't's;
Do be polite and treat me and others with respect.
Do say thank you after I give you your cookie *gives cookie*
Do tell Mr./Mrs. Cookie that you love them. Then bite their heads off.
Don't lie, beg, or bully.
Don't kiss Mr./Mrs. Cookie without saying "Pucker up Butter cup!" xd
Don't forget that I love cookies---and cupcakes. . .


I like talking, Kingdom Hearts, rainbows, chocolate, cookies, cupcakes, colors, emo, goth, scene, and Gaia.

I hate liars, fakes, and drama. (Stupid Drama Llama) dramallama

I really hate it when drama is around. Drama is the one thing that kept me and some of my friends apart. emo

Drama is horrible, and for people who like to start drama, go screw a cow. Oh sorry, did I hurt your feelings? Get over it. wahmbulance


When and if I start a rumor, I swear it was on accident.
My mouth just can't stay shut. Most of the time I can keep the secret or whatever haha. . .

Anyway, I've to go, I'll add more if you like!
When you throw a skittle at me and say "Taste the rainbow!" I throw and M&M and say "I'm not afraid!"


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Love's Daily Journal

Love's Daily Journal

This is my journal. Obviously. I'm writing mainly about what happened today or recently and things like how my day has been. . . Boring right?


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x miss winry x

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x miss winry x

Paigey heart biggrin D
The Angel Cassiel

Report | 01/02/2011 4:28 pm

The Angel Cassiel

Add voyakiloid-sama im deleting this account hopefully

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thnk u u to ^.~


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