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Born in a small village in Okinawa, daughter of the finest sword smith of all the Ryūkyū island chain, Natsuki Higa was to begin training for her life's work. At a young age, with no mother to continue raising her as a daughter, she raised herself along side her father, assisting him in anything and everything he required. Still, the life of a woman had restrictions, Natsuki confined to duties around the house to keep her busy and out of the smith shop. With a fighting school close to home she managed to slip away from her frivolous duties one day and watched a match, the girl's interest in the katana developed within minutes. As the weeks, months, and years passed, Natsuki developed her own style of fighting, practicing form, balance, and strikes in entire secrecy.

One warm night while her father was at the village bar house, in the middle of a small practice yard, Natsuki was perfecting several moves with a tachi blade, her exercise cut short as she found herself surrounded by creatures known only in legends. The kyūketsuki. Immediately she was sought out for her skill by their leader, Shigeru Kikuta of the Kikuta clan, a powerful race of vampire from the island of Hokkaidō. A refusal brought laughter, followed by threats of burning her and her father's house, along with his shop. It was a sight she would not bear to witness, agreeing to this capture as long as the house was left as was. She was taken in the dead of night, a collection of her father's finest blades taken as well. It was only until years later that she would return to an empty house, presumed haunted by a respectable man gone mad who had lost his wife and daughter.

With a new life came new challenges, Natsuki was taught more than just the ways of the blade. She learned to speak any of the languages and dialects of the entire island chain of Japan without hesitation, her form in swordplay assisting in her teaching of the geisha and their dance, becoming skilled within two years in everything young maiko and geiko learned in four times as many years. From her tomboyish manner blossomed grace and elegance, pleasant and witty remarks replacing the casual slang of the island, a swift kill produced from methods that were not properly trained.

After many years of perfecting her every move, from the silent draw of a sword to the delicate dance of hands, Natsuki was transformed and ranked as a high official in the clan, introduced to her brethren from that moment on and forever as Lady Maruyama Amarante of the Kikuta.

Maruyama Emporium


Maruyama Emporium specializes in attire and accessories for geiko, maiko, girls approaching
their coming of age, as well as everyday wear including wooden sandals, fans, and lanterns.

For gentlemen, samurai, ninja, as well as aquarium items, and Japanese edibles, please visit Lord Fujiwara.

~Daily Special~
15-200 gold off hair accessories
5% off all outfits

300G off all furisode

Inventory Cleanup
This is an ongoing project started earlier this year, put on hold because of my busy work schedule. However, I do wish to clear out my wardrobe, house items, etc, etc.. So random items not of my normal inventory will pop in and out when I feel like it.
I do apologize if the items are not what you are looking for nor expect in my trade. Arigatou~


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Three piece outfits
*1 kimono OR furiosde
*1 hair accessory
*1 handheld item

Coming of age outfits
*1 Furisode
*1 pair of Okobo (with tabi/socks)
*3 hair ornaments
*1 Obi
*1 Fan

Everyday Wear
*1 kimono (seasonal colors)
*1 simple hair accessory
*1 pair of wooden sandals (with socks)

Arigatou Gozaimashita!

~*All Listed Prices Are Final. No Exceptions*~

Past Honors

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Lord Dragon Sovereign
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Demonic Grim Reaper
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