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Heya, for those of you who dont know my just call me Akira. ^^ Ill only give my real name out to those I know in real life. Anyway, Im an extreamly friendly person, and it takes ALOT to get me really angry. Im a huge gamer and one of my all time favorite games is Oblivion. Kajiit ftw! XD Im also a artist and im dabbiling in a bit of everything right now, trying to figure out what id like to do for a living. My absolute favorite animal is the wolf, I connect with them the most and they're just beautiful. I have amazing friends that I will defend to the end. (omg that ryhmed! GAH! ) Bit of a side note, I randomly ryhme like that o.o i swear im an elf. I take random friend requests, and dont be afraid to message me and get to know me. ^^ If im not on here im probably running around one of my games or my fiance is hogging my pc. XD The rest of myself you'll have to get to know me and see. smile

For the Horde!!


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laffett Report | 08/19/2015 8:47 pm
I WILL NOM OFF YOUR TOES cat_surprised
kesuke uchiha Report | 12/02/2014 12:08 pm
kesuke uchiha
dat Fennir in the background on your profile?
Ayame Natsu Report | 09/12/2012 6:18 pm
Ayame Natsu
Gromnomnom Ladybutt Jakara. <3 How are you, Taylor?

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My sis in all but blood,we've been through alot together. we get crazy when we're visiting XD And dont tick her off!!! o.o

My blood sister, wacky, crazy, nuts, spaztastic the list goes on. I loves her so. ^^

Ayame, my mentor and one of my best friends. Shes helped me with alot and shes just as insane as she is helpful. One heck of an epic writer!

Tyler, a good friend of mine. We make up all kinds of stories together, he always has the most interesting ideas!

Lucryllyn, my friend and class A sadist, and one huge book worm! Never seen without one, shes my alpha and ill always be her pom de sane ^^

My dearest fiance, I would do anything for him.