here's the deal

Hi,im Lissa im 33
*I come from a land down under (Oz) where apparently women glow and men plunder. cat_lol

*I love my 9 year old cat Jiji and my boyfriend of 13 years. cat_4laugh

*I work in childcare which suits me a lot as im mentally immure for my age cat_xd
*I enjoy music from 80's 90's to early 2000 im not much into the whole techno crap of todays music *shudder* cat_stressed

*I am a true Harry Potter fan and have been in love with harry since I was 14 and mum brought home the first book for me to read I fell deeply in love with the books and enjoyed covering my high school books with harry potter contact or stickers ( I also had a big crush on Daniel Radcliff when I was a teen redface ) after all the books and movies are all done now I still enjoy reading the books and watched the movies more times then any other movie iv ever seen. cat_4laugh

*I watch anime with my boyfriend Im not a big fan of it but I use the time watching it with my boyfriend to spend time with him. cat_biggrin emotion_hug

*I have an unhealthy obsession with cats and mickey mouse cat_sweatdrop

* I suck at talking about myself so heres stuff about Jiji. cat_xp

* she is 6 years old cat_3nodding

*she loves sitting on boxes and scratching the insides on them cat_mrgreen
*she's a texture kitty and loves clawing different surfaces like plastic, paper or bags cat_4laugh

* she doesn't like sleeping in enclosed spaces or under covers cat_scream
*she hates me crying but loves daddy!(she's daddy's little queen gaia_crown ) emotion_bigheart