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About Me

There's very little to say (and probably less to know). I've popped off of Gaia, so god knows how old the information here really is. But I've got things to do, homes to buy, people to meet. You were all lovely people (well, most of you) and this was a fantastic ride.

Thank you.


These are the webcomics I read (or have read) and particularly enjoy. They aren't in any specific order... so you'll have to visit them all just to check them out. wink

- Haru-Sari
- Crowfeathers (on indefinite hiatus... but the incomplete 'beta' version is still a fun read)
- Lackadaisy Cats
- The Phoenix Requiem (finished. =D)
- Gunnerkrigg Court
- Evil Diva
- Strays
- The Meek (slow going)
- Bear Nuts
- Good Cheese (finished. =D)
- Fey Winds
- The Dreamer
- The Fox Sister
- Plume
- Not a Villain
- Grrl Power


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