Hello World! It's me, Lachlen! I am a very smiley person--hence the username meaning smile in German--I like to be happy and I love to laugh. Hahahaha. Long, and loud, and clear!
I am female and live in the United States of America.
My real name is Laurel, like the tree.
I love cats, especially my adorable Marmalade.
I am a very good student, a proud math nerd at heart, really. But then, my blonde shows through. At times, I can be very much the ditz.
I go to the University of Connecticut where I love to point and laugh at the cows and geese.
My hobbies include dancing (ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, lyrical), reading, swimming, watching movies, acting like a raving lunatic in public and photographing it with friends, making fish faces, playing sports mostly for fun, singing, silly movies, and playing board games in the middle of the night.
Things I love: singing, dancing, rain, singing and dancing in the rain, my cat Marmalade, tea-it's an addiction, really, the ocean, traveling, Oreos, grocery shopping, my friends, my most favoritest sister: Atilae....This will be updated.
Things I hate: sandy socks, vulgar children, ignorance, ground beef....This will be updated.
I am lost as hell when it comes to what I'm going to do with my life.
BUT I'm currently finishing an Environmental Biology major (bachelor of science)
Status: single
Basic Facts:
Blue eyes
Dirty blonde hair
Favorite Colour: Turquoise
Favorite animal: Marmalade (that's my cat)
Favorite food: potatoes, or pizza (I am a college student, after all)


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I am currently a student at the University of Connecticut. I have decided that I should try to use this journal more often, so some comments every now and then might be good motivation (hint hint). Thanks for coming!


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60k for skinny jeans??

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Thank You smile
Nice avatar btw!

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u saw the post didnt u

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Depressed Happiness

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Depressed Happiness

thank you~ ^ ^
Soup Dumpling

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Soup Dumpling


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wow no one comment u since last year
Soup Dumpling

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Soup Dumpling

Wow. You're on this more than I am o.o Love the avi ^-^

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I lvoe your Independence Day themed Avvie

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Christmas in July (...or June)!


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