Everything You Need To Know About Meh

This is my story; LISTEN UP___

        God, it's been about seven years since I've been on, and probably longer since I've updated this.

        Well, the first thing I want to say is HELLO (: Thanks for visiting my profile.

        My name is Gabriella, but honestly you can call me anything. Ari, Ri, and Reu are my favorites to be called, so feel free to call me whatever you prefer.

        This used to be so personal, and so typically angst filled...my god. I'm quite embarrassed if you've seen this recently before I had updated my About Me section. But hey, we've always been kids before and we all know how dumb we acted.

        So here I am, almost twenty-one years old, and making excuses for the fourteen year old me. Haha. Never thought that would happen.

        Some fun facts:
        I'm short, not enough to qualify as a hobbit, but cuddly all the same :3
        Minorly bilingual, I've got a decent grip on Spanish and I'm attempting to learn: Korean, Thai, and Mandarin. It's very slow going, thanks for asking.
        I'm majorly clumsy, like omg, I swear the walls move around my house and I've lived her for eighteen years.

You can contact me at:
Kik, gmail, AIM, Skype, and maybe even text. Just ask, kay? (: