Hello everyone X3 My name ish Vanessa.
You can call me Essa or Love...I like Essa
Here`s a little bit of myself ;;
I am very childish -- hyper and some-what retarded...did i mention random?
I'm 13, deal with it. X]
I am Asian.
I call you Hun, babe or Dear. So get used to it and don't think I have something for you, cuz I guarantee you I don't. It's how I talk
My favorite color is Black and white. Oops, i mean colors.
I love the fresh smell and feeling after the rain.
I am not looking for a relationship right now ;; more of a friendship thing...
But, I am up for some flirting. =X
I Luv to talk, so...-here's a hint- talk.to.me.
I am scared of mice ;;
If there is a mouse, I suggest you are 10 feet away from me because I will deafen you. XP
I am up for anything,really...but cybering. =0
I Love to draw, it's one of my well-known hobbies.
When I say 'I love you'. Don't take it the wrong way, I love you, yes, but in more of a friend way.
I Despise haters. No, I am not being a hypocrite ;; I am not hating/being a hater, I am despising/ being a despise-er.
I Hate school. I fall asleep in most of my classes. Just another 5 years...wait! There's university!~ T-T
I go mushie-mushie over fluffy, romance stuff.
I am addicted to Anime.
Note ;; Don't add me without talking to me - I won't accept.
Another Note ;; If i add you or accept you, and you don't talk to me, I WILL delete chu. Thanx.