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Habla Me....

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viciam Report | 09/03/2010 6:41 pm
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heart heart heart
VeniPuncture Report | 05/05/2010 3:51 pm
Thanks smile I had too smile You needed it smile
I hope you get your man home soon lol
Vanillaware Report | 05/05/2010 1:38 pm
It was created to help new ppl differentiate shop items from cash shop items...
and it's permanent... pretty dumb huh?
but hopefully their will still be some event connected with it.
VeniPuncture Report | 05/04/2010 1:25 pm
I just sent you lots of stuff smile You should put some more on your wish list xd
VeniPuncture Report | 05/04/2010 12:37 pm
Hiya girl smile I saw your status and As soom as some of my old stuff sells I'm going to get you something smile
I also Have a new patch and will send it to you smile
VeniPuncture Report | 05/03/2010 2:23 pm
Awesome I hope your still on Now smile It would be awesome to catch up.
I know my boys are so cute <333 I love them so much. My husband has been my third kid lately but hey thats how married life goes smile
Vanillaware Report | 05/03/2010 2:09 pm
you too~
Slynka Report | 05/03/2010 2:06 pm
Thanks c:
Vanillaware Report | 05/03/2010 2:05 pm

As far as the sparkles go all i know is they are labeling each item with different color sparkles~
like cash shop items are gold, RIG items are rainbow, MCs are pink, and EIs are blue.
I'll update you with anything else i read up from the forums~ These events get me so excited~
I'm such a nerd...
Vanillaware Report | 05/03/2010 1:53 pm
About a year and a half now~
Speaking of which he's over here right now knocked out.
Says he didn't get much sleep...
but I'm glad he came over anyhow ^_^

I don't show up on anyone's recent visitors list and I kinda like that..... You never know where I am.....

You have cooties, or bugs... And your want to get rid of them for gold

These are things that we are given for free in the daily chance and also by simply walking around town. (Even though I haven't seen any of them)

So, I am interested in your bugs. I will buy them off you for a good price. Just send me a trade.

These are my prices:

All Blue Bugs: 12 gold each
All Black Bugs: 8 gold each
Red Butterflies & flies: 6 gold each
Yellow Butterflies, Red Beetles, Red & Green Dragonflies: 3 gold each
Crickets & Brown Beetles: 2 gold each

Rare bugs well, then that's something different. I will give you what ever the lowest marketprice is for that special little creature.

I will treat you well and if you become a regular seller, well then you will be posted as a V.I.P. list and get special treatment.

I hope to do business with you soon.

Please, take the time to tell your friends if they are interested in selling their bugs for reasonable prices.

Thank you so much.

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I'm Love Drunk!!

Me in my lonely little home...Wait a minute... This isn't my house.

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I will buy all your bugs. Check it out!!
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Some ways to make money....

I also buy bugs. So if you are interested in selling some bugs. Let me know. I good money for them, just visit my profile and see the prices. I treat you fairly and if you become a loyal customer, I will put you on a V.I.P. list with special bonuses.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you visit was an enjoyable one.


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