hay guys. haven't updated my bio in a long time so here we goo.
my names megan.
im 1_ years old.
i live in washington the state.
i'm currently single, idgaf.
hobbies are basketball, soccer, swimming, and tennis.~
kik me sometimeeee. just ask for my username if you have one lolol.
deleted my facebook so ya.
if you havent added me yet, do that.
i really love to meet new friends c;
i dont donate or give you items anymore, so dont bother asking.
well thats pretty much it.
any more questions ?
hmu . c:

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My beautiful sister Shari. I love her with my whole life. <3 AsianPride 8D She's on the left (;

hi megan, its emily. you're my best cousin & you're always here for me. like really, omfg. you're literally my bestfriend & don't forget i'll always be here for you. i'm really excited for california in 2 days! you're really beautiful & amazing. we have SO MANY inside jokes. you're soo funny! i love you & don't forget me, cause i won't forget you (; you know what i mean.. LOL. so if anyone messes with you, come to me, i'll always be there for you no matter what. like really. you're a meatloaf LMFAOOOO. so yeah. bye bbg. ~ i love you. ♥

my mains <3

kso its aubrey hacking my girls page . i love you so much meg, you are always there for me . we chat all day long . you are so funny and make me laugh :D you are like a sister to me. you are so ******** beautiful . you mean the world to me. so im gonna be always right by your side . c; i love you with my whole life . if someone touches you or messes with you , im gonna beat the ******** out of them . okay. ily and always remember that. -aubrey<3