Hellur !! o 3o

Hai, I'm Martha
;D I'm 13 years young, and I eat cake on 19.4
^ ~ ^ I'm really nice once you get to know me.
I'm easily ammused and i like things that glow =3=
I have 2 fishhys called jimbob and humpfree :{D
I'm tall. 5'7 but i dont mind :'D I dnt like it when i get judged by people who dont know me I love cute avatars! <33 I'm a lady, so treat me nice C:< I'm usually in rallies, if you feel like stalkin' me, go on ahead ! ;D thank que for readin'
bye bye now ! <33

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l3 e     H a p p y     8D
johnny star-system


got hacked on my old accont wont let meh log in and the email has been changed :'/ but thats why i look noobish X3 my old one was called M A R T H A 8D check it out if you likeeeee c: