My fav quotes~

Beauty is only skin deep. -Thomas Overbury

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. -Buddha

I dream of an Africa which is in peace with itself.
-Nelson Mandela

Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.
-C. S. Lewis

For me, singing sad songs often has a way of healing a situation. It gets the hurt out in the open into the light, out of the darkness.
-Reba McEntire

o: its me!!

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Birthday: 03/25


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Friday:Back from a mad holiday

Tuesday:Haircut o/ woot swoopy emo fridge

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Anyway the real so yeah im not a person who can hold my head up high and stand infront of a crowd im more the girl who hides in the coner,you havn't guessed im not a out going girl.If you say im pretty id say pretty ugly.I have no label im not a emo,girlie,goth,gamerim my own person.If i could say i had a religion id be lying im a little chirstain and buddist i guess.Oh um im stright and im very easily dist- puppy! =D oh yeah im easy distracted.Just cause i get on better with guys dont judge me as a flirt.i allways wear a neckalce with love and roses and bows on.I love the cinema its amazing.My dream job would be somthing in animal care not kids they are evil! evil im deeply in love with anime and manga ^-^ it makes me super happy.Oh you thought i was gonna say BF ? hm yeah mikey aswell {he is not on gaia though,bad luck girls =P}.If i had to say about myself id say im:giggley,dopey,crazy,playfull,werid,kind,loving

Im not a crazy axe killer so dont be scared to talk to me =)

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I adopted a chibi!

Master: Jade
Name:Kiba <3
Likes: ninja stuff
Dislikes: evil ninja people o:
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Quincester Report | 03/25/2012 2:15 pm
Happy Birthday!!
-King Hito- Report | 06/13/2011 7:53 pm
-King Hito-
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sissy i missed u :3
Quincester Report | 05/19/2011 8:25 pm
how are you?
My Name is Girlfriend Report | 05/07/2011 3:52 pm
My Name is Girlfriend
Yeah.... neutral
BoxiestFoxy Report | 05/07/2011 10:09 am
yea im ok nwn
My Name is Girlfriend Report | 05/05/2011 1:48 pm
My Name is Girlfriend
Mmmhmm you got it^^ xd
My Name is Girlfriend Report | 05/04/2011 4:17 pm
My Name is Girlfriend
Yes indeedy!^^ This summer on youtube me and my gaia family in RL are gonna do a show on our own RPG on vampires^^ I'm the main character and the twin sister XDDDD IMA KICK SOME BUTT MAN!!! and no its no twilight stuff its alllallllll action baby cool
My Name is Girlfriend Report | 05/03/2011 2:13 pm
My Name is Girlfriend
OOOOOOOH HOOOO!!! xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd .....ok eek
My Name is Girlfriend Report | 05/03/2011 1:48 pm
My Name is Girlfriend
Well thats good^^ GOOD FOR YOU!!!! xd xd xd xd wait "osama" like japanese wise or did you mean "Obama" ???? eek
My Name is Girlfriend Report | 05/02/2011 2:08 pm
My Name is Girlfriend


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My Friends

-King Hito-
My Name is Girlfriend


Best neko buddi & bro

Zaki is like the real bro i never had
i worry about him alot
(he hates me for it >< wink
he is funny,sweet
and looks after me alot ^^

Tusubasa buddy ^-^

Nicky aka Nicky noddle


I dont see him ever offen but when
i do he makes me laugh
and he gives good advice
when you need it smile

She has the best taste
in anime guys ever! wink

dam you found me Dx