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{[My new name is L0gical mYST3RY though xD]}

I'm seventeen, the year of the Monkey and a Libra. I have the height of 5' 4", blue eyes, and short, light-brown hair with beige-y blond highlights.
I have two dogs, four cats, and five horses.
I am a HUGE bookworm just ask anyone who knows me. I love anime, manga, video games, and books.
And HUGS! I love to hug people ^w^
I have a deep love of plushies. They're just so darned CUTE!!! heart I have a Kisuke Urahara plushie on my bed right now next to my old Teddy bear x3 I love my teddy bear heart

I like to donate to people but I have certain criteria for choosing who I will donate to.
Just sending me a PM will not get me to donate to you.
Starting a conversation and becoming my friend is a good way to start.

Check out all my random, pointless things on my profile. Trust me, they are all very random. I edit it often so don't think that just because you read it once you've read it all.

Some of my nicknames:
Summy/Sum-Sum (from my little siblings and close friends)
Lizzy (from my Spanish teacher)
Lirael or Memory (from my friends on Gaia)
Lily or The (from elementalsparkle95 who thought that up herself)
Eric (from a Loserface)

But all in all I don't really care what you call me as long as you say "Hi"

My favorite quotes:

"You're such a Loserface!"
"I'm just ninja that way."
"Ahmahsee" (translation: I'm going to see)
"Hadowha?" (translation: Huh?)
"They say 'two wrongs don't make a right'. That may be true, but two wrongs sure as hell make you feel better."

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain." - Maya Angelou
"Success is the ability to go from failure without losing your enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill
"I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work." - Ben Franklin
"Be yourself-who else is better qualified?" - Frank J. Giblin II
"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." - e.e. cummings
"I have ties older than you." -Larry King
"Things fall so quickly that they appear to fall quickly." -Mr. Physics

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Um....Now what shall we do? Sasuke?
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Ok! Let's dance!!!!!
Dance my pictures! Dance!

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

You're not dancing Inuyasha,
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User Image
User Image
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Nya nya!
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......Uhm........Do you like dancing Gaara?

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Gaara: I live only to dance, I love only to dance....

eek Nu-uh! No way! Really? What about you Shikamaru?

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....No comment.....

Naruto: What about me?!
What about you?
Naruto: I'm the main character.
Naruto: You bet I am! Believe it! Dattebayo! And I dance way better than those guys do! Believe it! Dattebayo!
Please stop saying that and just dance.

User ImageUser Image

User Image Ok then... um, next? Oh, and by the way Naruto, I'm the main character on this profile. So nya!

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Holy shi( ninja )take! Toushiro! WTF?!?!

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Hey! -cough- Those are Winry's! I stole tho-! Uh... I mean...
Edward!!! Wth?!?! Winry's gonna kill you!
Ed: stare I was going to give em back...
Winry: Edward!!!

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stressed That's it no more dancing!
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Toushiro!!! This is all your fault!

User Image

Toushiro...you b*****d...

Toushiro: Yeah, I know, 4laugh

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....I hate you both.

~-~*~The next day~*~-~

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This has been a (very long) Random Moment with LM. Thank you for enduring it.

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Ha-ha, Yugi died!!!
There's a moral to Yugi's death, 3nodding Kaiba likes guns 3nodding . . . and shooting people evil stare . . .

Hooray! You just stuck around for another Random Moment with L0gic. Thanks again! whee

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Serious time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I sent this comment to one of my friends. She doesn't see how anime/manga characters can be considered hot or cute. So... I created this rant to annoy her. This is actually the second part of it but its the funniest part.

[rant=crazy[b]You won't even want to see the pictures of Sesshomaru I found. twisted Heh heh heh... twisted 3nodding heart 3nodding twisted

My awesome and slightly evil Anime-People-Are-Pretty-Much-Always-Hot Plan has been initiated!
I shall express my joy with
cute icons of victory. Mu-ha!

User ImageUser ImageUser Image
User Image

Now I will confuse you with a cute icon that has nothing to do with my plan!

User Image

Take that! Because Kurama is also cute! Fear his cute-ness! Now hug him! Now I shall hug him!
-hugs Kurama- Mine![/rant]

Okay I'm done.....for now wink

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I lied~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Want a hug?~~~~~~~~~

L0gic: Guess what?
voices in L0gic's head: What?
L0gic: I can't think of what to put here. crying
Vil'sh(voices in L0gic's head: pronounced vilsh): That's too bad.
L0gic: And I just realized something.
Vil'sh: What?
L0gic: ....I forgot sweatdrop
Vil'sh: You need to stop doing that.
L0gic: Yeah, I know....
Vil'sh: Why don't you go study or something productive?
L0gic: . . . I don't even know you anymore.

Guess what? That's right! You just endured another Random Moment with LM! You're such a good person cry mrgreen Anyway, thanks for watching; I mean, reading! 3nodding dramallama

Do the Naru-Wave!
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Zabuza: Am I late for the dancing?
stare .....You're waaaay late for that.
Zabuza: .....Damn
No Swearing Dammit!!!!
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Zabuza: cry Ouchies... ninja ...Wheee!! I dance!!
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Gin: That's all. Buh-bye now!
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Holy Shitake!! Who said you could come on my profile Gin?!
Gin: sweatdrop Eh heh heh...Bye! -runs away laughing evily-
Come back here! Gin! Ichimaru Gin, get your evil @$$ back here!!
-chases after Gin-

This Random Moment with LM has been brought to you by: Procrastinat...
But no one cares.
All you want is to be congratulated for sticking around. I'm tired of doing that so I'll instead do...er, something else. -thinks- Ok, I can't think of anything but that's because it's 2 in the morning, or at least it is now. It won't be when anyone tries to read this. Though it could be if..... wait, what?


Ok, this is now the the new spot for my dream avi's. I won't always have any avi's here but when I get bored with the way mine looks now I'll either make some or run a tektek contest. And may I just say how surprised I am at the fact you've read this far? I mean really, that takes some serious concentration. Even I only read about half before checking my comments instead.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . What was I talking about? Oh yeah! Dream avatars.
So, I'll run a tektek contest and then I'll have 1 or 2 avi's for me to attempt to complete. I will post them here instead of the old place because I don't want to move my rant. It could get damaged! O[]O"

The Dream Avatar(s) I'm determined to complete!

none at this time


Past videos on profile:
Current~ 'Demon and Maiden' - Kaito
'Skeleton Boy' - Friendly Fires
'Libra' - MUCC
'Hope You Ease Up Here!' - Hatsune Miku
'Assumption' - George Hrab
'Kokoro Kokoro Kiseki' - Kagamine Len & Rin
'The Daughter of Evil' - Kagamine Rin
'From the Cradle to the Grave' - KAITO
My new baby horse parts 1 - 3
Death Note Fan Flash
Pikachu Dango Daikazoku~ from Nico
La Ouran Boheme - La Vie Boheme
'Namida no Ondo' by SID
Fullmetal Jeopardy
Ouran High School Host Club - Random Medley Mix
Greed vs Envy (FMA Gag Amv)
Gakuen Alice AMV
Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (JUSTINB's Radio Edit) - Radio Gosha -
The Diclonius - an Elfen Lied amv
Naruto's Blame
School Rumble - Only One
Sasuke Uchiha - Gone Forever [Three Days Grace]
Envy Likes You Dead
'Durch Den Monsun (Through the Monsoon)(English)' by Tokio Hotel
'Durch Den Monsun' by Tokio Hotel
Doki Doki Waku Waku (You-Chan Tribute)
Naota Ran Away
~D. Gray-Man - I Wish I Had An Angel by Nightwish~
AMV: Chibi things that kill
Jihaku. Foo Fighters-Best of You
Alucards last will (Hellsing) funny
'Shine' by Mr. Big (Hellsing ending)
'While Your Lips are Still Red' by Nightwish

(to see the full list go to my 'Profile Videos' entry in my journal)


Here's the best dancer from the earlier dance party (well just most blissfully stupid):
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Wait, what was that?! No Kyouya-san did not pay me to say Tamaki-kun was the best dancer! Why would you say that?! .....What? You d-didn't say that? sweatdrop Well heh, uh.... ninja
Thanks for reading! -runs and hides- ninja


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My Thoughts... scary >.>

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A few odd stories from my life and occasionally a little rant of nothingness. Read them. It's what they're here for. Feel free to comment them too.



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hi Summer i miss you cry cry cry

Report | 10/25/2010 4:21 pm


Alright. Super late birthday that is. Dx

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Happy birthday. xD

Report | 10/22/2010 9:04 pm


Awesome Avi! and like your profile!
xxMaximum Ride--

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xxMaximum Ride--

Happy birthday L0gic~

Or is iiiit? Gaia says it is.
Deus Ex Leo

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Deus Ex Leo

I understand :3

Yesh it was a while that's for sure o3o
Deus Ex Leo

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Deus Ex Leo

Very well thank you x3
How have you been?

Sigh I still remember the first role play that I joined. Which evidently you were in. :3
Deus Ex Leo

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Deus Ex Leo


Tis me! Erik! Or it used to be :/
Just wanted to pop and say hi! And damn it's been a while :3

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Dearz Summy-chan ♥ I love you!

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Awww... Happy late birthday Lirael smile


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