This is me!

I am L y m e s i c l e, formerly MelodicMemory, but you may call me Mel or whatever you want.

I am currently 20 years of age.

I'm usually very cheerful and spontaneous . . . most of the time~.

I'm short and proud to be. It makes it easier to be cute and get away with things.

I'm very open minded.

I love anime and manga, as well as yaoi. Got a problem? Too bad, don't care~.

Proud Hufflepuff. REPRESENT!

I f*cking love Doctor Who. <3

You know who else I love? Russia. He's the cutest thing EVER.

Roleplaying is so much fun! Wanna roleplay? Hit me up!~

I used to be an avid gamer. I still am when I have the time.

I'm very imaginative.

I'm also brutally honest.

So, you wanna get to know me better? Feel like talking to me? Feel free to PM me. Don't be shy, now. I love to talk! <3

I am currently
> > Single < <