Zack"After the battle both and a man i had become good friends with Cloud Strife had been taken to Hojo (a professor with Shinra) to be used as test specimens. But after 4 years of being tested on i broke out taking the incapable of moving Cloud with me. While we were on the run from Shinra Genisis came after us so i was not only fighting for freedom from Shinra i was fighting for our lives. Me and Cloud rode on the back of a truck heading to Midgar. But that was cut short after numerous Shinra troops found us. I hid Cloud and went to fight the troops. I was then shot down during my fight then Cloud recovered and appeared beside me i gave him my Buster Sword and told him he was my living legacy he then went and lived out his life meeting my love Aerith and creating a great life of being a hero himself. "