Call me what you want i don't care much but most just call me Shen.
I've been on gaia 7ish years, this isn't my original account. (don't ask long story)
I'm 21 (my birthday is Sept 30 btw)
I try to be a nice person to everyone but if your a jerk to me I'll be right back to you. I tend to be a caring person so if you ever need to talk i usually get on at least once a day.
I am taken.
Drop me a comment or pm if you'd like i try my best to always reply.
Going through some hard stuff so sorry if I'm not always in a good mood but I'm trying to be positive.
I'm always looking for new people to converse with in my free/down time so do be afraid to send me a message but please don't just send a request before asking.
I'm a full time student so if i don't talk much sometimes that's probably why.
I'm a pretty adept gamer, am into a lot of different arts and am an amateur cosplayer.
If there's anything in particular you want to know don't hesitate to ask.
Not much more to say then that.

Avi Art, always wanting more.
(this ones the best, love you Grr')[X]

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