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Cananga Report | 05/30/2010 9:51 pm
Dj didn't you tell me seph even admitted that he was a fake friend,Aw poor sephina
-plays the world smallest violin-

It's going to be so funny at the end darker wont even date him and hes gonna kill

At the funeral imma practice my chords to my violin biggrin
SinisterSlut Report | 05/30/2010 12:09 pm
SinisterSlut you're DJ now, fine, didn't think i had to forget about you as well, but that just adds to the greatness of betrayal.
The Violet Eclipse Report | 05/29/2010 7:54 pm
The Violet Eclipse
y'know, child. If you really like this dark chick, be patient!
Lil Darker Report | 05/27/2010 3:53 pm
Lil Darker
I see..well..i'm not sure what to say about that. I think I'm still shocked about what he said last time.
Bebe Kimichi Report | 05/26/2010 6:59 am
Bebe Kimichi
hey i add more drawings come check them out
Lil Darker Report | 05/26/2010 3:18 am
Lil Darker
Hey, yeah I know i'm sorry for not being on, read the msg. He wasn't?? wow..
Bebe Kimichi Report | 05/25/2010 2:21 pm
Bebe Kimichi
hey seph check this drawing i did just go to art arena and type my name
Lee Dre Report | 05/23/2010 7:39 pm
Lee Dre
hi seph did u check the comments on karas account
jue94 Report | 05/23/2010 4:11 am
hope so smile
NetzumaruX Report | 05/22/2010 4:45 pm

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Lil Darker
l Seph l

*Slurp slurp*

yes yes yes! suck it dry!