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About the Girl

Name: Sher Astra.
Name Meaning: Lion of the Stars.
Nickname: Leo.
Age: 24.
Sexuality: Bisexual [prefers woman]
Birthday: Aug 8th.
From: Regulus. [Brightest Star in the Constellation Leo]
Earthly Location: Canada.
Living Family: A little sister, l Sailor Leo Minor l [wanna be her?]

Eyes: Gold.
Hair: Brown/Golden.
Skin: Tan.
Height: 5'8".
Weight: 130.
Build: Tall/Slim but has muscle.

Blood Type: O.
Zodiac Sign: Leo.
Gemstone: Peridot.
Likes: Fun, Being a Senshi, Cats of all kinds, Fighting.
Dislikes: Being defeated, Boredom. Being ignored
Strong Points: She's fierce LOL.
Has Trouble With: Her temper.
Dream: Find all the other Zodiac Senshi, and find her special someone.

About the Senshi
Sailor Name: Sailor Leo.
Realm of Influence: Constellation Leo.

Transformation Phrase: Leo Star, Make-up!
Transformation Item: Star Hair Pin, with the symbol of Leo in the middle.
Transformation Sequence: She screams 'Leo Star, Make-Up!' as she raises her hand. A lions roar is heard and her Leo Zodiac symbol appears on her forehead. Lights sprout from her pin and encircle her body materializing her senshi outfit. [I'll fix this later]

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Colors: Gold, Black, Brown
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Weapons: A pair of long metal claws that appear when needed.
Items: Her transformation hair pin.

First Attack Name: Lions Roar.
First Attack Appearance: A super sonic roar blasts forth scaring/stunning/or deafening the enemy.
First Attack Effect/Damage: 100%

Second Attack Name: Predators stalk.
Second Attack Appearance: She locks her senses on her target keeping their every move in her sights
Second Attack Effect/Damage: Raises her ability to strike the enemy.

Third Attack Name: Fierce Claw
Third Attack Appearance: She summons her weapon, long metal claws appear.
Third Attack Effect/Damage: On critical hit 100%, relies on her ability to catch them.

[More attacks added as she gains them]

A bit about her background

Sher comes from the brightest star in the constellation Leo, a star named Regulus. A small colony of people live there in harmony with the Lions. It is said that the Lions of earth are descendants of the Lions of Regulus when a piece of their star broke off and crashed into the planet bringing a few of the great beasts with it.
She was chosen to be the scout of their constellation when the Prides leader singled her out for her extraordinary power and connection with the beast.
More to be added later.




This woman is a pain...