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Name: Quark [Quixillia Ulallga Aximili Renshi Kellijil]
Age: Unknown [Assumed to be 11 billion]
Natural Height: 4'6"
Human Form Height Varies. Usually pretty short, around his natural height
Gender: Both. His people have no set gender
Affiliation : His own
Appearance: Normal Human Male Human Female
Ability: Particle manipulation. Quark controls his namesake, the quarks which make up the most basic forms of atoms. He can move and control them at will, with the capacity to rearrange them as well. At his command he also has nanobots, stored and produced in his ship, who are able to replicate nearly any atomic structure known to Dimensional Kind.
Personality: He's easily confused by the things humans do. Unbearably clumsy, he often messes up things. His greatest mess-up was when he accidentally caused the utopia of Atlantis to disappear into another dimension.

Quark dislikes conflict of any kind, and thus can be seen as someone 'weak'. However, he is quite intelligent and capable of handling and protecting himself if need be. He dislikes getting attached to beings of any one dimension, but also gets bored with his position as a mere observer.

Quark likes nothing more than to throw himself into different realities, shape-shifting to a physical form required to live on any certain planet. Over the past millennia, he has become increasingly interested in Earth and all it's wondrous alternate dimensions.

Quark is amiable, friendly, and a bit mischievous. He does enjoy pulling pranks on people who deserve it. Despite his friendly nature, he often avoids attaching himself, owing to his fear of loosing friends.
History: Child of an Extra-Dimensional Lord, Quark has existed since the dawn of time itself. Quark likes to consider himself male, but like all of his people, he can be both male and female. His kind are shape-shifters, and can alter their very chemical structure to change forms.

Quark arrived on Earth back in the early tenth century, where he proceeded to study and integrate himself into human society. For the past thousand years, Quark has remained fascinated with humanity and earth.

In the late 1950's, Quark was discovered by a group known as the Agency, an organization dedicated to stopping paranormal activity on Earth by destroying, dissecting, and studying said sources. Quark's weakness became known to a man named Agent Fisk, who managed to capture and subdue Quark, bringing him in for study.

During his stay with the Agency, Quark was nearly destroyed, but managed to escape with the help of a strange figure who kept their identity hidden. Quark has since fled from the Agency, something made all the more unfortunate by his father's punishment for his interference with humanity, making him unable to return home.

The exiled young lord has since traveled to all corners of the globe, using all sorts of disguises. He is currently being hunted by the son of the agent who first imprisoned him, as well as an old friend of his, a man known simply as Drell.

Quark recently found himself in charge of tracking down one of his own kind, a man who broke the laws of his people by directly involving himself in the development of an entire species, making them war-mongering creatures of wanton destruction. Setar was a wild card, and had to be taken care of.

However, Quark, being a man dead set against violence, instead chose to use sonics [Setar's genetically-encoded weakness] to drive him into and trap him in his Encyclopedia Omnimodus [Universal Encyclopedia], an item connected to him that he uses to store all the information and data he gathers.

However, the seal he placed on Setar began to weaken, and a little bit of Setar's mental wavelength was able to leak out. This small piece of his enemy is continuing to grow in strength deep inside Quark, who is completely unaware of its presence. He has been possessed by it before, and maintains no control over himself when this happens.

During his travels, he also met with a demon named Lucifer. What started out as a friendly relationship quickly turned sour, events occurred that caused Quark to become forever paranoid and squeamish around demons.
Recent Updates: Quark has managed to befriend a few new creatures. The siren Fay, the demon prince Kyle, the human alchemist Enzo, and another strange pair, Tirque and Nail. He was quite content in spending time with these beings until the return of his former Master, Lucas. This sour note was also accompanied by good news, as his former angelic partner Halo [and his brothers] also returned to Quark's life.

It seemed the angels were sent to protect him from Setar, who made a deal with Lucifer to get his old body back, and now seeks to gain Quark's as his own, to have truly unlimited power. After twice thwarting Setar's efforts, Quark began to wonder why he remained on Earth any longer. It hardly seemed to him that he was needed, as others seemed content without him.

Quark set about traveling by himself, until he was summoned to return to his home dimension for a trail concerning the release of Setar, and his own inability to recapture him. The alien was found guilty and punished by the Lord Superior of his people; the penalty for his crime was losing his ability to see for the next two hundred years, a rather light sentence considering his age.

However, Setar, who was set on having Quark's body for his own, used his temporal abilities to accelerate Quark's time, thus aging him well past two hundred years more.

Quark has managed to escape Setar's grasp time and again with the help of his companions, the closest of which is his mate, the siren known as Fay. Other close companions include the Queen [er...King] of a long-since doomed race that Quark himself helped re-establish, a crass demon prince, a brash alchemist, as well as his human self, who tends to be more protective if anything.

Other: His greatest weakness is his inability to remain stable around strong magnetic or electrical energy. If he's around one long enough, he might expire. His favorite thing to do is float upside down. He rather enjoys defying gravity.

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